That settles it for me: Actress Kate Hudson says “Hillary is the best person to run the country”

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Kate Hudson needs a new scriptwriter...

Kate Hudson needs a new scriptwriter…

Kate Hudson is starring in Campari’s annual calendar, in which they chose an election theme that they titled ‘The BitterSweet Campaign’, pitting a ‘bitter’ candidate against a ‘sweet’ one – both played by Kate – in honor of the two sides of the apéritif’s flavor profile.
The 36-year-old actress declared her own political party of choice, explaining why she will be voting for Hillary Clinton in 2016. “I think the best person in both parties to run the country is Hillary,” she said at a press event debuting the new calendar on Wednesday, adding that though she is probably more of ‘a centrist’, she’s registered as a Democrat.
“I think she’s just the best candidate. [She’s] what we need right now,” she added without hesitation. In fact, the actress has voiced her support of the Democratic frontrunner before, and co-hosted a fundraising event for Hillary with Zack Braff on November 6th.
Read the full article (which is just more fluff about her Campari photo shoot).

Hillary Clinton what difference does it make
Did you get that? Her explanations for Hillary are that she’s “the best person” and “the best candidate.” Kate’s handlers need to give her better lines to read about why she thinks Hillary is “what we need right now”. Because those words of wisdom just don’t cut it for me.

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0 responses to “That settles it for me: Actress Kate Hudson says “Hillary is the best person to run the country”

  1. Kate Hudson for Secretary of Education! (Sarc., but do I have to tell anyone other than Kate Hudson?)

  2. Reblogged this on necltr and commented:
    Let me rethink the claim that human beings are superior in intelligence to all other creatures.

  3. “I think the best person in both parties to run the country is Hillary,”
    To Kate:
    Does the President “run the country”? What happened to “we are a Constitutional Republic”?

  4. Does Kate Hudson still play with toy ducks in her bath, while at the same time sucking Coca Cola through a straw?
    Not all actors are so dumb as to express such statements about a psychopathic fraudster running for president. God help America!

    • “psychopathic fraudster”
      Aren’t you going pretty EASY on Killary? She’s much,MUCH worse than THAT. And she’s an unconvicted-as-yet Criminal,too.

  5. the only thing they are good for is reading scripts…I wonder how much kate was paid for that endorsement of the mentally and physically ill “grandma” who’s ok pushing the butchering of unborn babies and selling their body parts?

  6. Her mother, Goldie Hawn, only played the dumb blonde in movies, but Kate Hudson is the real thing.
    Kate Hudson is an idiot

    • that probably explains why they have been pushing her exercise clothing line on my email for months now

      • Stay away from that line. I hear it’s like “Just Fab” and a scam. You have to join & it’s impossible to opt out, so you get charged every month.

    • I’ve always liked Goldie. She’s a LOT smarter than she gets credit for-she sure missed the gate as a Mom though.

  7. Ms Hudson just made the strongest case possible why we should never follow anything promoted by an actor other than the movie s/he is in. Even then some make terrible choices in what roles they take on, IMO, but what do I know?

    • “Anyone who would vote for a candidate based upon a celebrity endorsement is too stupid to be allowed to vote.” -Alice Cooper

  8. The Clintons will be lucky to escape indictment for the handling of their Foundation!

    • Hopefully,an investigation of their Foundation will also open the vaults of evidence of their hidden pasts-extortion,influence peddling,very likely Treason,MURDERS-many of them…..The Foundation is just the tip of the iceberg.

      • Dr. Jerome Corsi said yesterday on Alex Jones’ Infowars that indictments for the Clintons are coming. He says that Obama will throw them to the wolves. I can hardly wait!

        • Will Joe Biden be called from the bull pen? Whatever, may there be good, loyal opposition, we are on a tight rope. Jones has been way before MSM, even prior to 911, and he was onto that quickly, as I am sure you know.

          • I had Alex Jones in the cab, about seven or eight months after 9/11. I did not know who he was at the time, and he told me some info about the demolition job. Not knowing who he was, I probed him, but he would only say that our government was in on it. I was skeptical, and I was not enlightened at that time, as I was willing to give Bush-43 the benefit of the doubt. Needless to say, the call did not end well.
            It has taken me a long time to wake up (and I am still waking up), but Alex Jones, through his show, has been instrumental in my enlightenment. (As have Henry Makow, Lew Rockwell, Peter Schiff, Ann Barnhardt, Webster Tarpley, Lyndon Larouche and FOTM). I know, partially from personal experience with the man, that Alex Jones—although he would not name names in our conversation—is the real deal. He gets a paycheck from someone, but he’s as real as he can be, despite that.

        • The Obamination doesn’t have the strength to throw either of them, but the mills of Heaven have been grinding long and exceedingly finely.
          Look for them to soon join others taken down for money laundering, tax evasion, and oh so much more, Be of good cheer, their ends in prison are near!

      • Absolutely. Please see below.

    • Steven, it won’t be just for that alone, not by any measure!
      They’ve been looting & poaching the nation since forever; more will come out in time to derail her run long before she gets her lard-assed self into any office. And you’ll read it here first, guaranteed!

  9. I would say that Kate may well be helped if she were put on an anti-psychotic drug. Perhaps she might be able to see clearly then. No sense in frequenting her movies–it’s just to disappointing to know that the person playing such and such character is certifiably off their rocker!

  10. I kept waiting for her to list Hillary’s accomplishments and to give reasons why she thought she would make the best President, but it never came.
    Says to me, she is just parroting the same ole talking points.
    Sometimes, you just can’t fix stupid. I am guessing she didn’t do well in school. It is amazing she can tie her shoes.

    • Me thinks she didn’t have any formal education. She was born to actors (thereby given a pass into the industry) and there is not one mention of any education on her Wiki page. Shocker, not.


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