That Saturday Night Live skit on Obama's amnesty for illegals

On Nov. 22, 2014, NBC’s Saturday Night Live took aim at King Obama’s bypassing of Congress, the legislature, by issuing executive orders and “executive actions,” especially his amnesty for illegal aliens who are estimated to number 11 million.
But why are they laughing?
What’s so funny about the skit?
Unlike SNL’s laughing audience who are mainly young people, I don’t find what Obama is doing in the least funny.
Much has been made of this SNL skit. From the laughing reaction, we have every reason to think SNL is simply “normalizing” what Obama is doing by turning it into entertainment. I don’t believe, even for a second, that Hollywood and SNL have turned against this POS who is bent on destroying America.
H/t FOTM’s dee

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5 years ago

If we were to offer every illegal here one million dollars, and they were to return home, it could enrich them and their countries. Unfortunately, we give far more to the tyrants ruling and robbing them, so they come here, a land built by a reasonable level of free market capitalism and government through increasing fairness and republican democracy. Now, both great aspects of our way of life are being destroyed so that chaos will be created, and the worst of tyrannies will provide the order evil people seek for their new world.