That "Peaceful" Religion of Islam

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 LEAD: Wife killed by Afghan militiaman for giving birth to a girl
Kunduz, Afghanistan – An Afghan woman was choked to death by her husband – a local militiaman – and mother-in-law for delivering a baby girl for the third time in northern Afghanistan, officials said Monday.
‘Storay, a 30-year-old mother of three, was choked to death by her husband and her mother-in-law in a remote village in Khanabad district of Kunduz province,’ police spokesman Sayed Sarwar Hussaini told dpa.
Khanabad district governor Sofi Habib said that Sher Mohammad, the husband of the deceased woman who was killed, is an active member of a pro-government local militia group with around 20 to 30 armed gunmen in the district.
‘She was told by her husband that if she delivered another baby girl, he would kill her,’ police official Hussaini said.
The woman gave birth to the third girl three months ago.
‘We have arrested Storay’s mother-in-law and we are looking for her husband, too, who is on the run,’ Hussaini said.
Afghan government with the support of the international troops has armed villagers in many far-flung areas with weapons to fight the Taliban in their own neighbourhood since two years.
The initiative has been widely criticized by rights activists for the violation of human rights by the local militiamen who are often accused of extorting money, raping women and killing their rivals.
Last Novemeber, similar gunmen threw acid on the face of three girls and their parents in the same Kunduz province after the family rejected the proposal by a local militia leader to marry the eldest daughter.
Last month, a teenage girl was rescued by police in the neighbouring province of Baghlan after her in-laws tortured and kept her in a toilet for six months because she refused to prostitute herself.
Rights activists have constantly raised concerns over the treatment of women in Afghan society.
A United Nations report in 2010 said nearly one-third of all Afghan women are exposed to some level of physical and psychological violence and an estimated 25 per cent suffer sexual abuse.
And these are the people our soldiers are fighting and dying for?

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0 responses to “That "Peaceful" Religion of Islam

  1. Not only tyranny but stupidity in ensuring Godliness… somehow I don’t think God would approve.

  2. The reality is fighting, and killing by the solders from wherever is causing bad to humans even as the Afghan men are doing bad to the women. Both sides need to change.
    It was not her fault for having a girl at all. The muslin religious does not make godly humans.
    Sounds like free choice is not the Muslim way.
    The Koran is inspired by the devil through men with smooth elegant words. What you see is a cause, and effect of that book that is being adhered too.

  3. So, why did women vote for the Imam Obama? Why will ther do the same for 2012?

  4. They wanna party like it’s 799…

  5. Terry you are very brave to post at Huffpo. You know you’ll be called raaaaacist till they turn blue.
    Libtards better be careful what they want to “tolerate”. Sharia Law ain’t very pretty…

  6. The Bible says people without a vision will perish.
    We need to get ourselves a vision………………………
    then we can share it with these people and those like them and they will then have something good to go by.
    What the US is doing at present isn’t any good at all either, and we need to stop our war mongering unless we want extinction for all of us. Baby girl or no baby girl.
    For a Christian republic, we should know better than to be engaged in this war in Afganistan or anywhere else for that matter. The murderous acts of our president are enough to make it look like we think it’s cool to go around acting barbaric. They just have a different approach.
    We tolerate a Congress and a president who are itching to let all hell break loose in Syria followed by Iran then top it all off by blowing up Russia and China. They don’t know any better but we certainly do.

  7. Give ’em agita, Terry!

  8. Dennis H. Bennett

    There’s nothing said about the three girls born to this woman. I fear they also met a violent death. 3 months old! The Cain-like cruelty is so evil…it’s so hard to fathom the savagery.

  9. Just remember- as far as this president of the united states is concerned the enemies are pro-lifers, constitutional conservatives or Christians who adhere to morality and Catholic institutions who don’t want to participate in baby killing. Islam? Don’t say ANYTHING against it unless you want to be jailed for a hate crime in the future…

  10. We treat our pets better than they treat women… 🙁

  11. It really floors me that we are as I type, negotiating with the Taliban. They will never change their stripes. And it is their radical infuence that fuels these types of murders and horrific acts against other humans. Is Obama crazy!

  12. It seems to me that both sides in that country are just as bad, both the Taliban and those opposing the Taliban. This isn’t just about the Taliban, this is Islam, period. There are no good or bad Muslims or extremists or moderates, they’re all Muslims, and at some point, we will find this out the hard way. If I were in a position of power, such as POTUS, the libtard/lefties and their Muslims beloveds would have to assassinate me first, because I would just nuke all of them. I apologize if I offend someone, but that is where I stand. Even the Muslim women who are able to leave those hell holes, and come to the west, how many of them deconvert? Not many, at least that we hear about. They’re not here for “peace, love and brotherhood”– I have no doubt about it.


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