Thanksgiving Card From My Liberal Friend

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My erstwhile friend Stephanie, a faux socialist who’s allergic to work, sent me an e-card for Thanksgiving.

Stef is famous on this blog for her outburst many years ago, “I’ve made up my mind! Don’t confuse me with facts!,” when I offered a counter-argument and counter-evidence to her uncritical stance on the Irish Republican Army.

Although she has known me for 30 years and knows full well I’m a professor and a conservative, Stef nevertheless just can’t suppress her impulse to lecture to me about Thanksgiving. Such is the preening narcissism of Progressives.

Here’s the Care2 free e-card she sent me:

Ode to Thanksgiving

On this Thanksgiving Day, I am thankful for life

and to be able to share it with my friends, kids and wife.

Everyone celebrates Thanksgiving in their own way

But let’s take a look at the original Thanksgiving day.

It was many, many years ago when Pilgrims arrived

and the Native Americans taught them how to survive.

And, in return the Pilgrims gave them things brand new

like measles, cholera, chicken pox, and all types of flu.

They destroyed a great nation and took their land

and killed their families whenever they took a stand.

So, when you give thanks for things this time of years,

I am just grateful that some of my people are still here.

-Written by Marty Lostheart

Stephanie is my Liberal Earning Warning System. Years before wicca, the goddess cult, reparation for “African Americans”, multiculturalism, diversity, and “green” became mainstream cultural memes, I already learnt about them from Stef. By the way, she is white Anglo-Saxon with not a trace of “Native American” DNA.


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8 responses to “Thanksgiving Card From My Liberal Friend

  1. The native americans. What great nation(s) did they destroy when they migrated here?

  2. Oh Eowyn, you are a much better person than I! I have NO liberal friends and i plan to keep it that way. Sorry you got such a stupid card! Liberals actually think that the Pilgrims came here without any idea how to fend for themselves! Thank goodness the Indians were here to teach them how to pop popcorn or our entire civilization would have gone up like Jiffy Pop. You are a good woman Eowyn to be friends that long.

    • Hollowpoint,
      It’s not that I’m a better person. The friendship began so long ago when we were students at Cal. For years, I made excuses for Stef because of her family (she had an incestuous relationship with dad from ages 13 to 17) and attributed her dysfunction to that. Many on the Left really are damaged people. I just wish they’d stop externalizing their damaged selves onto our entire country.
      Besides, it was fascinating to observe the liberal mind and to find out from her the latest leftwing fad. I must admit it is getting increasingly difficult to stay friends with her. The older I get, the clearer I see, and the less able I am to put up with BS like that Thanksgiving card. LOL

  3. why is it that after reading what liberals think I always come away with the impression that alot of liberals must be retarded. John Smith did not need anyone especially Indians to teach him how to survive… Military History magazine has a great article on Capt. John Smith and his exploits in europe against the muslim invaders and in north america and the pilgrims.

  4. Good grief…

  5. Left/liberalism: proof that reality is no object to some folk.

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  7. Remember…..this Civilization….{ American Indians}…..have been at war with each tribe, for centuries, & winners, held captives as slaves, or sacrificed them, took their belongings, & “women”…….It’s not just the “White Man”, that is responsible…..It’s survival of the fittest…..It’s Human Nature! Pretty sorrowful, eh?


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