Thanks to democrats' new tax, gun store is packing up and moving out of Seattle

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Shocker, not.

Seattle Council President Tim Burgess

Seattle Council President Tim Burgess

Last August I told you about how the Seattle City Council passed a “gun violence” tax to the dismay of store owner Sergey Solyanik and other supporters of the Second Amendment. Sponsor of the tax, Council President Tim Burgess, had said the tax of $25 per gun and 2 or 5 cents per round of ammunition is expected to raise hundreds of thousands of dollars annually that will be set aside for gun-violence-prevention research and programs.
King County Superior Court Judge Palmer Robinson

King County Superior Court Judge Palmer Robinson

On December 24th, King County Superior Court Judge Palmer Robinson judge upheld the tax, rejecting a challenge from the National Rifle Association and other gun rights groups.
Now a store owner, after telling the City of Seattle he would do so, is making good on his word. Beginning Jan. 1, Seattle’s Precise Shooter gun store stopped selling firearms and ammo. And now the owner is moving the store out of town. reports that Sergey Solyanik, owner of Precise Shooter, is closing his gun shop and moving it to Lynnwood (just north of Seattle) after a recent court ruling gave Seattle approval to impose a tax on gun sales.
Solyanik opposed the tax and said it would harm his business. “It would make us unprofitable,” he said. “I calculated it by retroactively applying the tax to our existing sales — I’m a software developer, so I can do that — and we would be operating at a loss for the entire store.”
Solyanik said he has no intention of contributing any tax money to the city.  “We are all disappointed,” he said. “We feel that, basically, a crockpot politician was trying to buttress his ‘progressive’ credentials and we got run over. Burgess doesn’t expect any money from this. In fact, there will be a net loss for this city. This location brings in roughly $50,000 in sales tax revenue, so that is all going to be gone next year. And there is not going to be any revenue from the (gun) tax.”
government solve all problems
Precise Shooter remains open to sell cleaning supplies and other equipment, but will not sell firearms or ammo that are now taxed in Seattle. Solyanik said he will operate the shop as such until his business license is approved for a new store in Lynnwood. Precise Shooter is one of few businesses that specializes in, and primarily sells firearms.
Solyanik likens the gun tax to alcohol consumption, which he argues harms more people in the United States than guns. “We don’t say that an average person is responsible for the violence fueled by alcohol, but for some reason people feel that gun owners should be held to a different standard than themselves,” he said. “I think people are afraid of things they don’t know and understand and vilify people they don’t know and understand.”
And because Solyanik understands how criminals work, he said, “People who shoot up people in the streets — they don’t come here to get guns. They get them on the streets,” Solyanik said. “It’s just collective punishment for all of us.”

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0 responses to “Thanks to democrats' new tax, gun store is packing up and moving out of Seattle

  1. The progressives have always lived in Fantasyland—and they won’t stop until everyone gets killed. They just can’t be stopped!

  2. that’s their plan, to make it more difficult for those who legally own guns to be able to use them. Then, when the number of people who shouldn’t have guns start to increase their criminal behavior, the city will pass even more regulations so those who legally own guns can’t use them.
    All in all, people who obey the law lose, and the criminals and regulators win.

  3. Kevin J Lankford

    licenses = infringement
    carry permits = infringement
    purchase permits = infringement
    F.F.L. license = infringement
    insurance = infringement
    tax = infringement
    judges = infringers
    politicians = infringers
    liberals = infringers.

  4. You can’t make it more plain than THAT,Kevin! Thanks. Hopefully all the Gun (cleaning supplies) Store’s CUSTOMERS will ALSO move to the NEW location,where FREEDOM is practiced.

  5. Fabulous article! I only got to read the first part, when I had to leave for a doctor’s appt–I laughted myself silly over the fact that Seattle will not only not get the monies generted by the Arms Tax, but they won’t even get the sales tax money that Washington residents pay!!! It was hard to drive I was laughing so hard. God Bless this American, one who will stand up for not only his rights, but the rights of his customers. He should post a sign that says “Good-by Seattle, I’m taking my $50,000 in taxes and moving elsewhere!” And don’t they just say that elections have consequences! The votes of the meatheads on the Seattle City Council certainly produced unintended consequences. Thank goodness for that!
    DGC . . . I love these fabulous snippets of news that you come up with for . Please keep them coming–I for one really enjoy reading some of the insane activities of other locations (I get plenty from my own Portland, Oregon City Council–I guess I just love to hear that I’m not the only citizen who is stuck with the c _ _ p these liberal councils come up with. God Bless you for your efforts.

  6. Good for the business owner. There are dozens of reasons to abandon Seattle, this is another one.
    It is a shame they have taken a once neat city and have just about destroyed her.

  7. Thanks for this info DCG, the owner is a smart man. These judges are so stupid but think they are so smart.
    I am afraid that it is going to become more difficult in the future to find, purchase, afford ammo in the future. We have some cowboy action black powder ball and cap but what good is that gonna do when they come for us!

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