Thanks for our troops…

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They serve to protect our country and our freedoms.  May God watch over those serving, putting their lives in danger for us. Many thanks for their sacrifices!

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13 responses to “Thanks for our troops…

  1. Actually no, they don’t……serve to “protect”. It has been painfully OBVIOUS for years now, that these terminator types are only protecting big business, and any civilians who get in the way are eliminated, damn the concept of freedom. They are child rapists and misogynistic cowards, who define their half-baked concept of “manhood” by signing up to do another man’s dirty work for him. The unforgivable crimes at Abu Ghraib, FALLUJAH, and the un lawful war against Libya and Afghanistan only prove my point. They invade another nation based on an older man with “authoritah” RAPE CHILDREN and call it “bringing the natives freedom”…all bought and paid for with YOUR taxes. Enjoy.

    • You are entitled to that opinion. Course if it wasn’t for our troops you’d be speaking your words in German.
      War ain’t pretty. It’s an evil necessary…and if you hate what our troops do, go live in China. I’m sure you’d be quite proud of their actions…

    • Well, sage brush , it is a fact that military recruiters roam our college campuses and shopping malls signing up young people, OUR SONS AND DAUGHTERS, to cajole them (really, now, what other word could you use?),
      into signing their life away with promises that turn out to be rather empty at the end of tour of duty, if THAT is “blanket condemnation”, I think that is an appropriate staement. As to false? FALLUJAH, ABU GHRAB. Those names alone should give you all the truth you can handle…Abu Ghraib is a prison where OUR soldiers learned to rape children in front of their parents to get information, false or true. Evidence abounds, all you have to do is look for it…our military has been co-opted and turned into a cyborg killing machine. But I suspect that you would rather turn a blind eye, and believe that life is made of marsmallows and our military is benevolent. Whatever. I have not said anything false. Your unwillingness to face life on life’s terms is your problem, deal.

      • You DEAL. When a young adult makes that personal decision, it’s just that – personal. If you believe every young individual can be “cajoled”, then you are sadly mistaken about our young Americans’ ability to make a personal choice.
        As for Abu Ghraib, there were soldiers that committed abuse. And it wasn’t ALL American soldiers. Those that committed crimes were held accountable and sentenced to military prison.
        Cyborg killing machine? Talk about a “blanket condemnation”. Your hyperbole reeks of a proggie pacifist. Not suprising considering your IP address is Portland, OR.
        Our military is not benevolent? Which country’s military is the first to respond to natural disasters to provide relief? It sure as heck isn’t Canada’s, China’s, or any country from the Middle East.

        • You know, that flag you wrap yourself in, thereby hoping to cover up the insecurities that emanate from you like a rancid sore, was probably made in China…..Communist China, yeah, that one. Don’t you love the irony?
          I’m not even going to attempt to dissuade your convoluted solipsism by pointing out the many mistakes in your logic, rather I would be entertained by observing your slow digression into the cesspool of madness that you find comfortable.

          • My flag is Valley Forge, American made baby!
            Hug & kisses for you kender as I have a feeling you are in need of some (among other things)!

      • Hey, Kender,
        I hope you realize that you just committed the reverse of very same “mistake” about which you’re accusing Sagebrush. You claim that Sagebrush turns “a blind eye” and regards the U.S. military as all “benevolent”. That, of course, is not true because Sagebrush is no fool, but is a canny, discerning, and wise woman.
        You, however, engage in a blanket condemnation of our military as all malevolent, generalizing from the lamentable abuses by a handful of our personnel at Abu Ghraib to all U.S. soldiers.
        Really, you should remove the beam from your own eye before you criticize the speck in another’s!

        • Well, as they say, a few rotten apples will ruin the whole barrel, so its only a question of time as to whether or not the ENTIRE military is benevolent.

          • Does this alarming contagion extend to you as well?

          • Can you answer a question without being an ass? Why aren’t you typing in German? Remember that little thing called WWII and how our military liberated so many people?
            You really think all young Americans are so inept at making a decision that they must be cajoled?
            Don’t you realize that those soldiers that committed a crime were punished? It’s impossible for entire organizations to be perfect. Look at Congress.
            Get off my post you jerk. I’m sick of you bashing our military and your inability to coherently debate.

    • Dear Kender,
      “War is an ugly thing, but not the ugliest of things. The decayed and degraded state of moral and patriotic feeling which thinks that nothing is worth war is much worse. The person who has nothing for which he is willing to fight, nothing which is more important than his own personal safety, is a miserable creature and has no chance of being free unless made and kept so by the exertions of better men than himself.”
      –John Stuart Mill
      From what I’ve seen, he seems to be right.

      • There is something even uglier than what you suggest, and that would be the choice to go against one’s innate sense of conscience knowingly and make the wrong choice, we can talk consequences later, maybe. Why would you think I am a passive non fighter? There a quite a few objectives for which I would be willing to fight…..going to retrieve someone’s oil FOR them ain’t one of them. To “bring” them freedom and democracy sounds cute in the daily newspaper, but THAT scenario has been played out, don’t you think? If you think that you need men to make you free and keep you so by way of their “exertions”, then perhaps that would be an uglier state of mind than total passivity. No person has ever “brought” freedom to anyone and any man who claims to keep you free is a liar. Why do you feel compelled to quote Mill when your anonymity suggests that you do not even believe those words yourself? You have obviously been watching from the sidelines, and saw the right moment to jump in and offer a few timely words of “thoughtful” and profoundly new age-y none-advice? And to top it off, you won’t even try to invent or make up a pseudonym, you hide behind anonymous. Well the joke’s on you, as DCG has so aptly made a point to prove. There is no anonymity and the words you choose to use are from someone else, in another context, in another time. The words I chose to use are in this context, in this time and are real and from the heart and soul. But I don’t expect warriors and their enablers to be able to integrate that.

        • Well, Mill is a perrenial favorite of liberals… and he said that– don’t just take my word it, in short. And, of course, there’s Ghandi: “It is better to be violent, if there is violence in our hearts, than to put on the cloak of nonviolence to cover impotence.” My own father, a conscientious objector during Viet Nam, performed alternate service (they were actually full-up on medics at the time) because, despite that he couldn’t bring himself to kill anyone, he was an American regardless of how he felt about war. “Be someone or be someone’s b*tch” (in the prison sense) as my buddies when I was a kid put it, but that was the most retarded and least couth period of my life (“Violence solves a lot more than we all like to admit,” I preferred, even so). Take it for what you will, you choose.


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