Thanks for the Memories. What TV was really like.

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Amazing, this was good TV. Give me this over the junk now.I grew up in NY and WNEW was the local channel.
Steve                                            H/T  Grouchy

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  1. I’d forgotten the Bowry Boys (on Saturday morning for us)
    and the sound of the channel being changed.
    Don’t forget the Movie Matinees :Abbott and Costello ,
    Crosby and Hope , the Westerns. ..and swashbucklers.
    Almost always a good moral and sometimes a little history
    served up with good humor.

  2. Thanks for the memories… 😉

  3. i just rented from my library and watched jack bennys “a horn blows at midnight” an old movie in which benny plays a trumpet player in a band who falls asleep during a performance and dreams he is an angel sent down to earth to play his trumpet at midnight which would destroy earth.


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