Thanks for our troops!

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This Thanksgiving, I’m fortunate to have my soldier home with me after his year-long deployment in Afghanistan. There are many troops who won’t be home this year to celebrate with their families and loved ones.
Please remember them in your daily prayers!

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  1. May God bless and protect all of you thank you for all your sacrifices.

  2. To our troops ..Thank you ,we are proud of you,

  3. Perhaps it’s coincidence, but I thought to share this w/you all….
    Here in Kanada we still see ourselves as a primarily Christian multi-racial nation. I don’t say ‘multi-cultural one’ because somehow along the way we concluded that Canada already had a culture, so an imported foreign one wasn’t needed and won’t take over. Therefore I am always gladdened by the large way we still celebrate Christmas, despite the other celebrations which take place about the same time. I am especially glad we do not have –nor will we ever have– such hooey as Kwanzaa, however it’s spelled.
    On my way home tonight I saw the first electrically lit Christmas lights decorating houses and their landscapes. This caused me to reflect on how Christmas is our longest national celebration, perhaps because most of our country becomes colder sooner than the rest of North America, so the season’s warmth and hope-filled promise is needed more than at other times. But not every Canadian will be home for Christmas.
    Our troops are also posted in lonely foreign places, and they too long for return, most especially at this time of the year. So this posting is my way to say “Thank you” for all the good you’ve done, and with Mary, “May God bless and protect all of you. Thank you for all your sacrifices, and may you all return safely and well.”

  4. Robert McElhaney

    Father God please watch over our brave solders this day,and every day..Happy Thanksgiving to all of them and thier families.

  5. Thank you for this beautiful post and for all of the prayers asking for God’s protection. Our servicemen and women need our prayers because we all know the administration is evil and has goals contrary to the good of the country.


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