Thank You, Keith!

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Last Friday was a sad day for America.
Rabid leftwing pseudo-journalist Keith Olbermann announced that it was his last show with MSNBC (translation: he was fired). So sad.  🙁 is spearheading a “Thank you, Keith” campaign because “one thing’s for sure: Keith Olbermann spoke truth to power and he deserves our thanks.”
So go sign the “Thank you, Keith” statement HERE! You’ll be asked to type in your first name, last name, e-mail address, and zip code. Then you’ll have a chance to write a personal note to dear Keith. This is what I wrote:

Take a very very very long vacation, Keith! You richly deserve it! I’m sure gonna miss you calling TEA partiers racists!

H/t beloved fellow May 😉

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  1. Oh good grief, truth to the power my arse….more like angry rehtoric against anyone conservative.


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