Thank You, Jon Voight

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Beloved FellowshipOfMinds member DCG posted this as a comment, but this deserves to be on the frontpage as its own thread.
Not only is Jon Voight a fine actor (he won the Academy award for Best Actor in 1978), more importantly, he is a true patriot who bucks the Hollywood crowd by speaking publicly, intelligently, and fearlessly against the Punk and his cabal of Demonrats.


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7 responses to “Thank You, Jon Voight

  1. Sent this to most folks I know. This is wonderful. And again, I heart Jon Voight! He can slice and dice and not use any foul language doing it. BRAVO! ENCORE!
    Vox Populi

  2. The greatest lie evah…ain’t that the truth! Will The Traitor respond like he did to Palin? He’s sooo thin skinned.

  3. He is a fine man with outstanding values!

  4. Jon Voight is a national treasure.

  5. Hey guys,go to and click on historical information, very interesting.

  6. I vote Jon Voight for President of the United States! Wouldn’t he be wonderful! I love his message of truth and hope!


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