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~Eowyn  😉

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0 responses to “TGIF

  1. this is so cute! he’s got it goin on. Steve,you need this guy to remind you that you feel good every day-Ha!

  2. you know Steve,I was thinking surgery and everything LOL!

  3. Well, in spite of my feelings toward their politics, I was quite thrilled to open the mail today and find a signed photo of the first couple addressed to me. I guess some of my photoshops have caught someone’s attention and maybe their trying to let me know about it; or maybe not. I don’t know. What I do know is that its a pretty important day in the Keyser household. I’ve already posted the picture on my Flickr page, and I’ll be purchasing a frame tomorrow.
    I’m so proud.

  4. wow and the next winner of american idol boozle the singing parrot….
    boozle for president no way he can do a worse job than the current empty suit, lights on but no one home, loser obamatard.

  5. Just how boozled was Boozle to get him singing? A very rare bird indeed!

  6. And can we all agree that to tag Boozle w/the Obamanation is animal abuse of the worst kind?


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