Texting while walking? Big gubermint will have none of that!

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NJ Town Tickets For Texting While Walking

Myfoxphilly.com:FORT LEE, N.J. – Texting while driving is a crime in New Jersey, but what about texting while walking?
Police in Fort Lee, Bergen County, say if you are caught texting while walking you could face a fine.  They say pedestrians are constantly putting themselves at risk of being hit by cars because they don’t pay attention while they are walking. So far this year, 20 people have been hit by cars in Fort Lee.
Police say they handed out pamphlets warning people about the crackdown.  In the last month and a half, 117 tickets have been issued. The fine is 85 dollars per offense.
If you are stupid enough to be texting while crossing a road and get yourself hit by a car, well, you get what you deserve.
But really?  You are now going to be fined for texting while walking?  Big government – always trying to find a way to regulate your behaviors in the name of “safety”.  And steal your money…

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0 responses to “Texting while walking? Big gubermint will have none of that!

  1. More pure genius from the same fools who gave us WW1, WW2, the Korean War, VietNam, and all the other oh-so-profitable “actions” for the benefit of the military-industrial-congresscritter complex! The motto of all feral gubbmint’s is “NEVER pass by an opportunity to profit while raising the misery index!”

  2. Why mess with natural selection?
    Having nearly hit several texting zombies while driving, wouldn’t we all be better off if they were removed from the gene pool?

    • Amen and twice Agreed! Look, as a pre-teen I was such a voracious reader that I read while walking on public sidewalks in Chicago’s heavily trafficked streets. One day I walked into a parking meter, and let me say that the meter won. Why shouldn’t these fools suffer the same consequences?
      I also feel very strongly that the human hunting season opens immediately upon hearing cars w/roaring oceanic major storm sounds engulfing the entire city block and giving everyone PTSD, if they didn’t already have it. My .44 Ruger is ready for car stereo bears!!

  3. You would think that the people should band together and run the dictators out of town…and I mean literally! How else will they learn their lesson? Now I don’t even ‘text’ but I’m always ‘thinking’ and ‘thinking’ is a distraction…so what’s next? A ticket for thinking? Why not? You let the process begin by allowing such stupid laws to be passed in the name of ‘safety’…let me tell you something, “Your ‘safety’ is none of the gvernment’s business…if you want to step out in front of a moving car that’s your business…dumb, but still YOUR business!

    • Terry…you obviously missed the point! I’m not dumb enough to step out in front of a moving car…but it’s none of the government’s business if I did…and it’s not the lawyer’s business either…and what insurance company would have a policy that insures jaywalking? And if you’re insinuating that it would cost us more for automoblie insurance name one policy that offers protection for the jaywalker…there are none! So who is the ‘us’ that ALL pay more? Pay more for what?

  4. pity the motorist that smacks one of these morons…

  5. Next they will mandate the wearing of a Helmet…… “If you Walk, Talk or Text a Helmet is required” Wow – sad I can remember playing with Jarts – riding a bike without a helmet ….walking and talking – while chewing gum …. lol…… What a joke…


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