Texas police officers are members of Mahmoudberg jihadist compound

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The Obama administration has not formally designated the terrorist group Jamaat ul-Fuqra a “foreign terrorist organization.”

And so the FBI can’t do anything about Mahmoudberg or any of the 20-45 other jihadist training camps across America.

Sheer insanity.

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  1. This is insanity. Obama will never declare them terorrist groups. He’ll protect them. Why does LE need his permission to make arrests? The FBI knows that they are there and what they are up to. They are a domestic threat. Do any of these people remember their oath or even care about the oath and their Country? I’m sorry Dr., but This has me very angry and disgusted. Somehow, we have to be able to save our Country.

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  2. Thank Eowyn for the info. Just tonight I learned there is cell in Cleveland, Ohio. Really too close for comfort and nothing is being done about this. Really lets know whose side the pos is on doesn’t it. They are encircling the country if you really look at the map.

  3. Well the idiot in D.C. apparently like to refer to these Islamic groups on our soil as “domestic’ terrorists”. Hell, what is the difference? Terrorists are terrorists. FBI get busy!

    • On the contrary, the POS’s DHS calls Christians, pro-lifers, Constitutional patriots, 2nd-Amendment supporters, and veterans “potential domestic terrorists.”

  4. MahmoudBERG. Berg?! Like in Goldberg or Greenberg? You can’t be serious?

  5. Dennis H Bennett

    Dr. E
    My first pastorate was in Sweeny in 1984. I had police officers in my congregation, one an energetic youth leader. One evening, T and I, armed, investigated a reported Satanic sacrifice/worship site in order to quell/prove rumors in the community of youth involvement, This post, for which I am very grateful, affirms how evil in our human hearts/community can exist without any outward signs

  6. Thanks for bringing this to light, Dr. Eowyn. There is a compound like this, not even mentioned on this map, that is less than a 30 minute drive from me. And a number of terrorists have come from it, including people involved in the Mumbai attack, and people currently fighting in Syria. And will the POS do anything to protect us from this known threat? We know the answer.

  7. The mu-slum prez, will not protect us; we must protect ourselves. I believe we still have enough brave military that will stop the Kenyan and his minions. My husband worked as a R.N. Practitioner and had his own clinic within the Veterans Hospital in Little Rock, Arkansas. He worked many years treating wounded veterans and some that still live with the affects of war. He had to sometimes fight the administration, which was increasingly becoming under Muslim management (even though some do not believe it) to get treatments and often surgical intervention, for his patients. As time progressed, Washington, D.C. micro-managers sent in their Yuppies to make V.A,Hospital, a more efficient place” (laugh). What they tried, but were unsuccessful in doing, was making the American Health Care Providers, kowtow to the Muslums. As my husband said in his slow Texas accent “that ain’t going to happen on my watch”. Many of the practitioners that had been there for well over 20 years, told V.A. to pound it and resigned or took early retirement. To cut to the chase of my post is something my husband noticed, that other employees did not notice because it was “subtle”. He saw housekeeping employees removing the Christian Flag from the chapel because it offended the towel heads working there. My husband suggested that if it offends them, tell them to stay out of the chapel;”. The VA Hospital removed anything to do with our living God, However, they permitted the Muslums working there, to take time from work to pray 5 times a day. That is on government time, yet they still getting paid. So, my husband told the Chief Of Service for Primary Care, that he wanted to take time off for praying to Jesus, 5 times a day too. The Chief told him, ” I don’t make the rules” meaning, “suck it up buttercup”. Well, my husband always kept a KJV Bible on his desk and he made it loudly clear that “the first person who tries to remove it” will be on the end of my shoe. The turning point came when he tried to read a daily verse, on his own time, on the computer, as he had subscribed to “Daily Verses” as a screen saver. The daily verse was blocked (frozen) because the hospital considered it “Hate Speech”, as in John 3:16, The Gospels, etc. That is when he took an early retirement because he was not going to be subservient to any muslum or their policies. Since then, the V.A. has been slowly going to crap and there are a lot of unhappy veterans. This is a true story of what the P.O.S. Kenyan is doing to our America. The outcome of what the Kenyan POS is doing, will drive this country into a revolt and shooting war on our streets. Leeann

  8. It should come as no surprise that nothing is being done about these camps. He supported the muslim brotherhood in Egypt and hasn’t once condemned the slaughter of Christians there. Oh, and there is also the case of his half brother Malik Obama who happens to be financial adviser for said brotherhood.


  9. Meant to post this here, ah well anyway:
    Personally, I would like to see evidence that these really exist, and if they do, figure out who funds them (Is gilani really the head, or is he just some zealot who makes for a convenient cover?). It would be my guess that since they support official narrative from the DHS and other govstapo outfits (thereby benefitting their propaganda), that the funding comes either from the pentagon via intelligence spook channels (as most “revolutionary” etc. groups do), or via mossad or other, legitimately terrorist groups, like goldman-sachs for instance.

    Now, if one of those dots was near my location, I could feasibly investigate, unfortunately no such luck. Perhaps some satellite imagery of the areas in question might help in determining if there are such places at the given locations? After all, just because some organization I’m unfamiliar with that uses the word “christian” in their name says something (that coincidentally helps the popular party line of the govstapo) doesn’t mean I’m going to trust it, without them backing up their information.to the letter.

    It is also troubling that other sites can’t seem to corroborate the number of “camps” (Some give it as 22), as well as the telling use of the term “compound” you’ll find that whenever a psy-op is employed the “enemy base” is always referred to a “compound”. If they were utilized to fight the soviets in afghanistan, as I’ve read, then you can bet that, like “the base”/ al kwaida, they’re likely an intelligence asset, either of the U.S. or of those who pull the strings of the U.S.

  10. Jamaat ul-Fuqra is the spawn of the outlawed Sheik Gilani, yes the SAME Sheik Gilani that is outlawed in Pakistan for his terrorist activities (quite a feat in terror state Pakistan). He was set up in Hancock, NY with CIA seed money, and is the SAME Sheik Gilani that lured Wall Street Journal reporter Daniel Pearl to his own beheading in pursuit of an investigative interview in the early days after 9/11. His Jamaat ul-Fuqra camps in Red House,VA supplied and supported John Muhammad, the Beltway Sniper, and his boy wonder, Lee Malvo, during their murderous spree in the D.C. area. The FBI is well aware of them, but, in my opinion, have been muzzled severely and completely the by Islamification of the U.S. government, similar to the infiltration Joseph McCarthy uncovered (read “Blacklisted by History,” M. Staunton Evans). To find out everything you need to curdle your blood, go to GatesofVienna.net and look on the left side of his blog for the Fumaat links. Byron had extensively researched this back in 2006 or so. Sheeple Wake Up! Our Country has MANY invaders currently pulling the veil of Darkness over our very eyes, from the White House to the Courthouse. Thus, my screen name, Locke Enlode. I suggest you consider doing the same. God Bless All.

  11. For more detailed reporting on the Jamaat, https://gatesofvienna.net/topical/jamaat-ul-fuqra/. Baron has changed his blog site a bit since reading this last.

  12. Unfortunately, I don’t think that the words “sheer insanity” accurately describe the situation.

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