Texas House passes abortion law; Dems seek delay

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War on babies

War on babies

KHOU: Republicans in the Texas House on Monday passed one of the nation’s most wide-ranging packages of abortion restrictions, but efforts by Democrats to slow the process threatened to kill the measure before the end of the special session.

Democrats stalled the vote as long as possible on the second to last day of the special legislative session, hoping to delay long enough for their colleagues in the Senate to filibuster the bill on Tuesday night.

The proposal would ban abortions after the 20th week of pregnancy, require doctors to have admitting privileges at nearby hospitals and limit abortions to surgical centers. Other states have passed similar bills, but few have the full set. Federal judges have thrown out the  restrictions in some states.

The measure passed 95-34, with the support of four Democrats, and must now sit for 24 hours before the Senate can vote on it and send it to Gov. Rick Perry.

House Democrats used parliamentary tactics to draw out the debate for  15 hours Sunday night and into Monday morning, pointing out technical  mistakes in the process or trying totack on amendments to fundamentally  change the bill. Democrats also showed up more than two hours late  Monday morning.

Supporters say the bill would improve women’s health care. Opponents  warn it would shut down 37 out of 42 abortion clinics in the state, leaving wide swaths of Texas without access.

Sunday night’s debate was grueling, and the bill’s sponsor stopped  answering questions after she got into trouble denying Democratic  amendments. When Rep. Senfronia Thompson, D-Houston, called for an  exemption for women who were victims of rape and incest, Rep. Jody  Laubenberg, R-Parker, explained why she felt it was unnecessary.

“In the emergency room they have what’s called rape kits where a woman can get cleaned out,” she said, comparing the procedure to an abortion. “The woman had five months to make that decision, at this point we are looking at a baby that is very far along in its  development.”

Her apparent confusion about “rape kits” — a phrase generally used to  describe the equipment used by medical personnel during forensic  examinations to gather physical evidence following allegations of rape  or sexual assault — sparked widespread ridicule on social media sites.  Laubenberg then simply rejected all proposed changes to her bill without  speaking until the end of the debate.

According to the National Council of State Legislatures, eight state  legislatures have banned abortions after 20 weeks, Arizona did so at 18  weeks and Arkansas passed a ban after 12 weeks. Federal judges have  thrown out the laws in Arizona and Iowa, and judges have blocked similar  measures in the other states.

Mississippi and Tennessee also passed laws requiring abortion providers to have admitting privileges at a nearby hospital. The only abortion clinic still operating in Mississippi is battling to stay open because of new facility requirements and because of a requirement that doctors have privileges at a local hospital. In North Dakota, abortion clinics are suing against similar laws passed this year to remain open.

Most hospitals in Texas do not grant privileges to doctors who perform abortions, either for religious reasons or for fear of becoming the target of protests. Abortion-rights supporters warn that Texas’  legal cocktail is designed to shut down all of the abortion clinics in the state.

“If this passes, abortion would be virtually banned in the state of  Texas, and many women could be forced to resort to dangerous and unsafe  measures,” said Cecile Richards, president of Planned Parenthood Action  Fund and daughter of the late former Texas governor Ann Richards.

Lt. Gov. David Dewhurst has proclaimed that would be a huge success for the anti-abortion movement. Dewhurst is one of many Republicans who will likely face a more conservative challenger in the 2014 primary race and is anxious to score points with religious conservatives.

Many members of the conservative majority had flyers on their desks that read “Psalm 139:13-14,” which reads in part: “You covered me in my  mother’s womb. I will praise you, for I am fearfully and wonderfully  made.”

Democrats have found political leverage in the measure, Senate Bill  5. Hundreds of women’s rights supporters flooded last week’s committee  hearing and Sunday night’s debate, giving the party a chance to register  new voters and supporters. Democratic House members continuously invoked the “war on women” during the debate.

“We are willing to have an attack on women in order to have someone’s political agenda achieved,” Rep. Sylvester Turner, D-Houston, said in  opposition to stopping debate on the bill.

Perry added abortion to the special session in the final two weeks, after lawmakers had already taken up redistricting.

I don’t understand why banning abortion after 20 weeks is so bad. Couldn’t a women make up her mind in plenty time to decide if she wants the abortion or not?

War on women? More like war on babies.


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0 responses to “Texas House passes abortion law; Dems seek delay

  1. So fewer clinics that are more adequately prepared and capable of handling any emergencies that may arise or caring for infants who may actually be born during the process of murdering them is a bad thing now?

    A kid can get a morning after pill and an abortion through school programs but cannot get an aspirin without parental consent? As a Libertarian I have issues with the government being able to lawfully rule on abortion … the federal government especially … but regulation of the industry and the insurance that facilities will be clean, well-maintained and have an adequately trained staff would seem to fall within the federal guidelines. If an independent Republic wishes to strengthen those standards, that is a bad thing now?

  2. Just the fact that you are contemplating “I don’t understand why banning abortion after 20 weeks is so bad. Couldn’t a women make up her mind in plenty time to decide if she wants the abortion or not?” shows me that this law is so wrong. So what if they have to be part of the hospital, they’ll just pay more and then be validated as doctors (when before, they were murderers). So what if they have to keep their clinic clean? so what if they will be limited to babies before 20 weeks (the majority of abortions happen in the first trimester). Why are we passing laws to make everyone comfortable and then still it’s legal to kill the innocent child in the womb!! I am so confused and disgusted by our acceptance of this “antiabortion” legislation. It makes no sense to me at all!

    • Rosalinda, I share your frustration, but every step we take closer to a complete ban is a step in the right direction. Inch by inch is better than no progress at all. That is the method employed by the left. It’s why many people suddenly wake up and wonder where the country went. Slow progressions are easy to hide.

      So this is something to celebrate, for now. But the job is far from over.

  3. Politically the battle against abortion is lost…The effort should focus on re-educating the young people..We will continue to decline as a great nation ,as long as we kill our unborn children.

    • Dave, I respectfully disagree that the battle is lost politically. I know the media hammers that point endlessly, but that only shows how precarious their position is.

      If people were given honest facts, most would be against abortion. If we regained a sense of morality, most would oppose abortion.

      I think the key politically is to align with the churches. If it is done correctly, it would succeed on a level no one can imagine. Public sentiment on abortion can be turned in less than two years with proper organization.

    • Dave,

      I cannot disagree with you more. The political battle against abortion is not just NOT lost, we are winning.

      1. 79% of Americans in a recent poll support major restrictions on abortion — that they would not allow abortion after the first three months of pregnancy. 51% would only allow abortion – at most – in cases of rape, incest, or to save the life of the mother – or would not allow it at all. (Source)
      2. Private donations (not govt subsidies) to Planned Parenthood are significantly down in 2009-2010, from 2008-2009 — which suggests societal stigma against PP is growing.
      3. A New York school system, Shenendehowa School District, has severed a 20-year relationship with the local Planned Parenthood to teach sex ed to middle and high school students. (Source for 2 & 3)

      FOTM is probably responsible for your mis-impression because we tend to post about the horror stories.

    • Dave McMullen

      My thought are ..If we can win the support of our young people ,We may in the future win this battle politically..I feel the efforts are better spent in education rather than trying to change the minds of our Godless Elected officials…

  4. this makes me think of the time (years back) when I gave a teen a dirty look for her *seen* sin. Boy, how the high and mighty fall. I should have shown love and encouragement instead of trying to remove her sprinter. I should have remove the outdoor deck from my mine first!

  5. This is from breitbart.com. The blaze also has an article with mind-blowing pics. This can be used to turn the tide of public opinion. The left has just supplied the means to their own undoing.

    Texas Pro-Abortion Protesters Chant ‘Hail Satan!’
    by DEBRA HEINE 2 Jul 2013 478 POST A COMMENT
    The Texas House and Senate reconvened Tuesday for a brief special session called by Gov. Rick Perry House to discuss timekeeping measures. A recess was called until July 9, after the Independence Day holiday.
    Twitchy reported:
    Nothing much happened, but there was plenty of interest, as abortion advocates in orange shirts lined up to protest proposed limits on abortion after 20 weeks and stricter safety standards for abortion clinics.
    It would be difficult to argue that the pro-abortion crowd wasn’t an “unruly mob” — last week protesters shut down proceedings by screaming from the gallery and used social media to debate the legal consequences of rushing the floor. One protester was reportedly arrested after punching a state trooper who was clearing the gallery.
    Texas blogger, Adam Cahn was there, and has a report and video from the scene where pro-life women shared their abortion related testimonies, and the pro abort mob responded with repeated chants of “hail Satan.” He notes that they had been chanting those words all day, but it took awhile to catch it on video.
    Honestly, I don’t think there’s a clearer indication than this report, of who is on the side of the angels in the abortion debate, and who isn’t.
    Wow, Hail Satan is trending on Twitter.
    Good job, pro aborts!
    Leftists seem torn between “it was ironic!” and “it was right-wing plants!” Re: #HailSatan
    — Guy Benson (@guypbenson) July 3, 2013
    See Also:
    Twitchy: ‘Hail Satan’: Abortion supporters troll pro-lifers outside Texas capitol
    The same orange-clad abortion rights supporters who sent children to #StandWithWendy in Texas today holding signs like “Stay out of my mommy’s vagina” didn’t limit themselves to strictly scientific arguments for unrestricted access to abortion. Groups of protesters also countered pro-life groups’ prayers with chants of “Hail Satan.”
    Crowd of anti abortion activists giving speeches while a group of people chant hail Satan in the background. #hb2 pic.twitter.com/eqHqP1e0gz
    — Josh Rubin (@CNNExpress) July 2, 2013


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