Texas governor declares Feb. 2 'Chris Kyle Day'

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chris kyle
Fox News: Republican Gov. Greg Abbott says he is declaring Feb. 2 as “Chris Kyle Day” in Texas to honor the late U.S. serviceman whose life is depicted in the blockbuster film “American Sniper.”
Abbott made the announcement Friday while speaking to a Texas Veterans of Foreign Wars Convention in Austin. Hundreds of veterans in a hotel ballroom greeted the news with a standing ovation.
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Kyle’s hometown was the Fort Worth suburb of Midlothian. He was 37 when he was killed in 2013 at a North Texas gun range. A former Marine charged in his death goes on trial in Stephenville next month.
Abbott said the state will commemorate Kyle’s life on Monday.
Kyle did four tours in Iraq and is considered to be the deadliest sniper in U.S. military history.
American Sniper was number one at the box office again this past weekend! Check out my movie review here.

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0 responses to “Texas governor declares Feb. 2 'Chris Kyle Day'

  1. Iraq didn’t do 9/11.

    • And that means what? We disparage the soldiers who followed the orders of their CIC?
      Perhaps those who voted in favor of the resolution to authorize force against Iraq, including our former and current secretaries of state, provided some intel to you that we don’t have?

      • Absolutly right DCG, Doug obviously didn’t see that this post was about CHRIS KYLE and the outstanding job he had done protecting our soldiers while they were in the middle of a hellhole. If the silly movie stars and such get their day for their bulls*** then an American hero should have his day….no questions asked. People that don’t understand that are just thick in the head.

  2. Yeah right. If a country invaded the USA under a false pretense (but really wanted our Wisconsin cheese), and a single sniper killed thousands of us as we defend our homeland- would he be a hero to you as well? The real hero’s are those that defend their nation against tyranny. Propaganda run amuck and praise for a murderer is proof of your enslavement and satanic possession.

    • I’m still waiting for the intel you have that supports your theory that Iraq didn’t do 9/11…
      Hyperbole much doug? Like we’d go to war over cheese, jeez. And which “single sniper” are you speaking of who killed “thousands”?

    • You know what doug? I don’t need nor want any reply from you. You follow a blog that believes the Holocaust was fake and has such fine posts such as, “Why I don’t care for the Jews”. Those evil Joooooos were the mastermind behind these atrocities, got it. Bye, bye.

      • Good for you DCG, it’s a waste of time trying to reason with stupid. Doug obviously inhabits a different planet than we do. 😉

    • Lighten up, Dougiepoo.
      -Else you might just have a stroke.


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