Texas gets it right!

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House approves guns on campus, school marshals bills

KHOU: House lawmakers passed a measure Saturday to allow armed school employees in school districts and charter schools, and they also passed another bill that would allow college students to carry a weapon in the classroom.
John Woods is a graduate student at The University of Texas, he’s spending his Saturday studying for finals and grading papers.  “It’s not an issue I really ever planned to become involved with,” he said.
Woods’ girlfriend was killed in the Virginia Tech massacre in 2007 and he’s been fighting for stricter gun laws ever since. “It’s great that they’re talking about preventing tragedies like this but I really think this is the wrong approach,” Woods said.
Lawmakers in the House passed a bill Saturday to allow college students who are over 21 and have a concealed weapons permit to bring a gun on campus.
“This idea that somebody is going to be a hero and stop a mass shooting is dangerous,” Woods said.
“I’m really split on that,” said father of 3 Bryan Johnson. “My 2 other children are older and it was Columbine. That just struck fear in the hearts of every parent I know.”
The House also passed a measure to allow trained school employees to become school marshals and have access to a gun in case of an emergency.  “Trained people yes, everybody… no,” said Johnson.
“Each school will be posted with a sign that says ‘this school is protected by a certified school marshal.'” said state Rep. Jason Villalba who authored the bill.
Villalba said the appointed employees would undergo 80 hours of training.
“What we’re doing is taking people who work at the school; teachers, vice principals, other folks who are already there to become school marshals like police officers for that very narrow circumstance in the moment of crisis, when somebody has broken down the front door and is then attacking our children,” Villalba said.
Still, students like Woods urge lawmakers to take a different approach, like universal background checks. “We need to look at solutions that are preventative and not reactive,” Woods explained.  Woods said he supports the 2nd Amendment but says with those rights, come responsibilities.
Those bills still need one final vote in the House before moving on to the Senate.
A universal background check is not going to stop some mad man from committing a horrific crime. I’d rather be able to protect myself from a crazy than be totally defenseless.

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0 responses to “Texas gets it right!

  1. oh yeah cause background checks are gonna stop some nutjob from stealing his mothers guns, or his big brothers, or buying one off the street.. uh uh. Wake up people. My only problem is the bill doesnt go far ENOUGH.

  2. Don’t you just love it when people say they support the 2nd. amend . but when the first opportunity arises they are more than willing to emasculate it .
    Keep on parroting the s.r.m. ” party line ” young Mr. Woods . Does Polly also want a cracker ? At least come up with an original thought .

  3. How he can support “gun free zones” after one made his girlfriend’s death possible is that, thanks to liberal education and encouragement, he can’t think– golly, all violence is wrong so let’s be defenseless– which is what liberals want.

  4. OldNorthState

    Don’t forget-another Cho-type madman still has a gun-free killing field at Virginia Tech. You can have all the teddy bears and candlelight vigils and multi-million dollar payouts to victim’s families you can shake a stick at, but the campus-wide kill zone remains in force.

  5. The bill passed the House today! “The House on Monday easily gave final approval to this latest attempt by a 102-41 vote. The bill now moves to the Senate.”


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