Texas Dem Nominee Wants Obama Impeached

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Democrat voters are behaving rather oddly. They are rebelling against their party’s establishment. 

Alvin Greene

In South Carolina’s Democratic Senate primary early this month, Democrat voters spurned their party’s endorsed candidate and elected a complete unknown, Alvin Greene, who’s unemployed, lives in his parents’ home, and is charged with showing obscene pics to a college co-ed. 

Kesha Rogers

In Texas’ 22nd Congressional district, Democrat voters elected Kesha Rogers, who wants Obama impeached. Mary Katherine Ham of the Weekly Standard reports on June 21, 2010, that Kesha Rogers won the Democratic nomination in a suburban Houston district on a platform of impeachment of Obama and colonization of Mars. During the primary campaign, Rogers reportedly stood at a local intersection regularly with a “Save NASA, Impeach Obama” sign, carried posters of Obama with a Hitler mustache, and called him a “Wall Street and London backed puppet.”

Rogers won 53% of the vote in a three-way Democratic primary in which her views were well-known and the Democratic establishment backed her opponent. She is a global warming skeptic and has denounced warnings of global warming as imperialist genocide.
WeaselZippers found a picture of Rogers holding a sign depicting Obama with a Hitler moustache, the exact same sign the MSM still insists conservatives were carrying at Tea Party rallies:

H/t CommieBlaster.

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  1. Marylin Parsley

    Way to go, I am proud of you.

  2. Colonization of Mars? Um, can we send all the libs there then? he he


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