Texas Board of Education drops Hillary Clinton from history classes

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From NY Post: Call it a case of the blind deleting the blind.

Texas educators have booted Hillary Clinton, Helen Keller and other historical figures from state social studies classes, which require students to learn about “significant social leaders in the United States.”

Clinton being the first woman to run for president and Keller’s accomplishments as a deaf and blind person apparently don’t qualify.

“Military and first responders are best represented,” the state’s Board of Education’s advisory committee recommended prior to a vote on the change Friday.

High schoolers in the Lone Star state had studied Clinton under a “citizenship” section of its curriculum, which focuses on trailblazers such as Andrew Carnegie, Thurgood Marshall and Sandra Day O’Connor, according to the Dallas Morning News.

And third-graders learned about Keller, a prolific author and political activist who earned a college degree despite her handicap.

But the board’s advisory committee determined she “does not best represent the concept of citizenship.”

At least two committee members said the group concluded that there were too many historical figures for Texas kids to study, so they graded candidates based whether they triggered a “watershed change” and if they were from an “underrepresented group,” the paper reported.

Clinton scored a 5 out of 21 points. Keller scored a 7 out of 20.

“There were hundreds of people,” said Misty Matthews, a committee member and teacher, about the volume of historical figures kids are required to learn. “Our task was to simplify… we tried to make it as objective as possible.”

There board made no specific comments about Hillary Clinton. Students are still required to learn about Bill Clinton.

Removing the former first lady and secretary of state will save teachers 30 minutes of instruction time, and axing Keller will save 40 minutes, the advisory committee estimated, according to the paper.

While Clinton and Keller were scrapped, evangelist and Baptist pastor Billy Graham – who was also recommended for removal by the committee – was spared. So were references to Moses, and his “influence” on America’s founding documents.

The board wants students to continue explaining how the “Arab rejection of the State of Israel has led to ongoing conflict” in the Middle East, a requirement the committee recommending eliminating.

The board will cast its final vote on the curriculum re-do in November.


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9 responses to “Texas Board of Education drops Hillary Clinton from history classes

  1. Aleluuuuuu ya! However, the Rotten Clinton must not be forgotten and obliterated from our history, she belongs there in the space reserved for the Benedict Arnolds, our new generations must learn how this globalist has done so much harm to America, how she sold us to the enemies of our country, the children need to know how “they” almost brought our country to its knees to other world powers, and God Bless America for finally having the truth reveals itself in every scale. History must not forgive and must not forget so that all can learn to defend, honor and respect the men that wrote the greatest Constitution of the world. GOD KEEP AMERICA SAFE.

  2. Sorry, Hillary Clinton is NOT the first woman to run for president. Look up Shirley Chisolm.

  3. How ironic. The witch we all wish was history can’t even get history to remember her.

  4. They can reference her in the Alinsky section.

  5. Hillary Clinton reminds me of that character, “Mr. Bartlett” in the old Monty Python skit: She keeps reappearing and never seems to just fade away.

    “Oh Mother! So it was just a dream!”
    “No, Son. This is the dream. You’re still awake,” to quote their episode of “The Bicycle Tour.

    Yep. It’s that surreal.

  6. CogitoErgoSumantra

    Next up:
    The SPLC declares the State of Texas Dept. of Education a “Hate Group”…
    (I wish I were being funny/sarcastic)

    Then again, TX educators have always taken flack for driving what gets incorporated into textbooks — especially in science — because of the numbers of schools and students they serve. Their conservative decisions end up influencing the textbook industry to creating curricula for the entire nation, which meant for decades, students were (gasp!) deprived of such hogwash as “Evolution as a fact” or “Abortion being surgical removal of a lump of flesh”. Or, for that matter, a “Constitutional Right”.

    The newest crap I’ve *finally* heard expressed about WHY we need to spend zillions of dollars on space research (including terraforming Mars) is NOT, as I’d thought, JUST to find evidence of life on other planets (hypothesized by the “presence” of “water”), which would discredit the whole Bible… but to provide humans a new home on which to live — once the EARTH GETS TOO HOT. Yeah, from “global warming”, another topic about which students had, until recent years, been protected from being brainwashed. Thanks, Neal DeGrasse Tyson.

    It’s high time Texas Educators got back on that horse, IMO.

  7. That’s the same wheelchair lady who screamed when Trump was inaugurated. Where’s her wheelchair in this pic?

  8. Another reason to home school your children!!!


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