Texas Bank's New Sign

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Chappell Hill is a small town between Houston and Brenham on Hwy 290.
CHAPPELL HILL Any would-be robbers looking to walk into the bank here had best think twice.There is a new sign in town.
About a month ago, Chappell Hill Bank president Edward Smith looked at a sign on the front door prohibiting concealed weapons from his business and decided to make a policy change. Licensed to carry a handgun? Come on in, and bring your weapon.
The sign, now prominently displayed on the bank’s front door, says: “Lawful concealed carry permitted on these premises. Management recognizes the Second Amendment of the U.S. Constitution as an inalienable right of all citizens. We therefore support and encourage the carrying of licensed concealed weapons.” Smith said he made the policy change to send a warning to potential robbers, and also to express support to Americans right to bear arms.
“We had the sign on the window, the red circle with the pistol inside and a line through it.And I started thinking, We’ve got this no gun sign up and the guy (robber) can come in and do what he wants. But if you’ve got a policy allowing handguns, he won’t know how many people are going to be in here carrying a concealed weapon. There may be some little old lady who’s mad at the government, and she’d love to use it” he said.
The bank has been robbed twice in the last three years, including last March when a Western-attired man walked in, ordered bank employees to fill a canvas bag with money and then fled in a pickup truck. The man, who did not brandish a weapon, has not been caught.
The sign has made Chappell Hill Bank and Smith somewhat of an Internet sensation. A photo of the sign has made its way around the world, and Smith has even been interviewed for the National Rifle Association‘s radio networkhttps://
www.nranews.com/#/nranews ;. He’s also been contacted by other media outlets wanting to do stories.
“It’s kind of gotten a life of its own” he said.

Expressions of support have far outnumbered criticism.
Smith has been contacted by officials from larger banks considering taking similar action, and has received e-mails in support from across the United States and even from England, Canada,and Germany ..

“I haven’t gotten any from Chicago or California , which doesn’t surprise me”, Smith said with a laugh. “We did get a real nice e-mail from an 88-year-old World War II veteran who said it’s about time somebody stood up in this country.”

The NRA has even invited him to speak at an upcoming convention, but Smith said, “I’m still deciding on that.”
Smith said he’s only received one negative e-mail, from an anonymous sender.
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0 responses to “Texas Bank's New Sign

  1. ditto-sage!!!:)

  2. Thomas Morato

    I’m from Texas and grew up in Houston. Left at 18 to join the military. Guns are apart of life not only there, but all throughout the state.
    Texans protect their property, their life and the life of others with full force of the Second Amendment. You can assume that everyone is carrying a gun or has one stored in their vehicle… legally or not. Some areas of Houston, you would be nuts to commute around without one.
    The nightly news was filled (and I’m sure still is) with fatal gunshot stories.

    • “Texans protect their property, their life and the life of others with full force of the Second Amendment.” Dang, straight!

  3. They’d definitely get my business!

  4. LOL – That ought to make a potential robber think twice.

  5. You are too good, Steve. Get on the stage and profit from yr gifts!

  6. Ditto and Amen! As I immigrated from the US of A to Canada at age 26, w/a history of firearm use and a love of Constitutional governance, I quite often find myself at strong odds w/too many Canucks on this issue. Cars and MDs kill ten times more people than firearms do, yet we don’t ban or restrict them, do we? Come to think of it, I know several MDs who should be severely estricted….

  7. http://www.nranews.com/#/nranews
    Link embedded in the above text in the article goes nowhere. Could you correct this so that some corroboration is available for this article, please? I love the concept, and the sentiments expressed, but they would mean so much more if we could verify sources on this. You know the libs out there will try to tear this story apart, so let’s get it right.

  8. Here’s a nice article from CNN about it…
    Have a great day, folks

  9. Frances Geary

    I’m from California and I agree. We must make a stand.


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