Terry Lakin Action Fund Radio Listen to Miki Booth's Incredible Hawaii Story

Listen to Miki Booth as She Continues the “Amazing Adventures in Hawaii” Story.

On Monday, September 26 at 3p ET, Miki Booth joins David Moxley to discuss her recent trip to Hawaii with Dean Haskins. Their adventures in Hawaii’s constantly changing (minute to minute) polices concerning birth records are at once amusing and alarming. Really folks, even a true skeptic will have to wonder about the foolishness they faced. All Miki wanted was a legitimate birth certificate for a family member yet she was faced with contradiction after contradiction.
Go to this page to listen to the audio of the show.

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9 years ago

Hawaii really has issues with “the run-around” aka “goose-chase” aka “it’s in the mail” aka “didn’t we send that to you already?” aka “weren’t you in here yesterday?” aka “we are looking, it seems it has disappeared!” LOL!
I have heard Terry on other radio shows. He has some very valid info, and some very valid questions. Wish we would get to the bottom of this already. Can you imagine the “Kodak moment” look on BO’s face 😉