Terrorists target America’s forests, reservoirs, and power grid

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We now have evidence that America’s forests and our critical infrastructure of water and electric power have been attacked by terrorists. As a new form of Economic Warfare, this is an attack on U.S. National Security. And yet we hear nothing from the White House or Congress. Where’s Homeland Security?

This means We the People will have to the raise the alarm ourselves.

Spread the news via email, Twitter, Facebook…! Call your Congresscritters!


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0 responses to “Terrorists target America’s forests, reservoirs, and power grid

  1. “…Congresscritters!” I love that term!

  2. Doc, you have hit on another nerve. My comment was whisked away.

    • What do you mean by “My comment was whisked away”???

      • I wrote a rather long comment and response my computer went blank and the comment disappeared. I have been blocked from sending out any e-mails also. I tried to send you one off of a site last night, don’t know if you received it or not. It tied in with this article,I had the link in the comment that was just taken.

        • Thanks, tina. Your vanished comment is not in FOTM’s spam folder, nor have I received your email on this issue. I suggest you do a thorough virus check on your computer!

          • Dr.Eowyn- when you can please go to geoengineeringwatch.org and listen to Dane Wigington-“Climate Engineering,Weather Warfare, And The Collapse of Civilization” this is important. Proof of soil,snow samples now toxic near where I live. The state of California is getting hit hard.

  3. Re the reoccurring massive fires across the continent, I have thought for a dozen years at least that they are being purposely ignited — & not necessarily by Little Joe Schmoe Arsonist nor Mr. Muslim Terrorist — but by Bigger Powers With Ulterior Motives who desire to “Creatively Destroy” the USA & its formerly strong Middle Class’ Customary (Comfortable) Mode of Living.

    And re the Power Grid, Jim Stone Freelance wrote this very interesting report over two years ago, right after an AP/YahooNews article** in June 2011, that The Powers That Be were going to be “experimenting” with the national power grid for a year. Stone said it is an “act of war” to mess with a nation’s power grid; supposedly the purpose was to change the “frequencies” in different parts of the country. Stone said that it is impossible to run a “national” grid at different frequencies, & that the only way to have different frequencies is to have separate, detached regional grids:


    (**The original link to the YahooNews article no longer works…
    …but NewsMax still has a copy of that full article here:
    https://www.newsmax.com/US/US-SCI-Power-Clocks/2011/06/24/id/401381 )

    Speculation: Upon initially reading Stone’s report, my first thought was maybe they were “regionalizing” the Power Grid on purpose to match FEMA’s 10 “Emergency Mgmt. Regions” & I don’t mean that in a good way! For a long time I’ve wondered that if/when the time comes to “take down the USA,” that due to its large size, they may “attack” one region at a time (hence FEMA’s supposedly “Good Samaritan” 10 Regions). With their ever growing (sloppy) “expertise” at generating “fake news,” they could fool the rest of the country’s Never-Question-The-News-TV-Watchers while they “take down” one region at a time.. (??)

  4. Quite asymmetric of them…


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