Tennesee Ernie and the Kids

Watch the little boy next to him.  I think it’s his son! 


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Television in the fifties and sixties is certainly a far cry from the programming we have today. Children always do the unexpected and the little boy’s joyful and energetic response to the song is a treat to watch. This clip made me laugh though as a former teacher I also had a great deal of empathy for Mr. Ford. Thanks for the smile!

Lone Wolf
Lone Wolf

TV = the devil’s tabernacle. But it is nice to see ole Tennessee Ernie Ford my dad had all his records on 78s so i grew up listening to all his music and then having the Man in Black on next was a bonus. But TV then was so innocent and wholesome. Not like the drivel they are turning out now most of it is soft porn and doesn’t leave much to your imagination. I’m sure they could make good TV without graphic violence, foul and profane language and graphic sex and Obama. Keep the Faith boys and gals.