Ten Reasons Why We Will Get a RINO in 2012

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1)      There are at least eight people seriously considering a run, with no one in the lead as the clear choice. A splintered vote tends to favor incumbents.
2)      GOP brass are still not serious about stopping the deficit and still seem stuck in the past.
3)      Tea party enthusiasm has not translated into Republican decisiveness.
4)       Boehner and Cantor have no accomplishments to campaign on. The battle cry in 2012 will likely be “at least we’re not Democrats.”
5)      By capitulating to the Left over tea party racism charges and the Gabby Giffords shooting, GOP brass have forfeited the narrative.
6)      The primaries never got changed from McCain’s puzzling victory in 2008. Liberals in New Hampshire are about to make the choice for all of us.
7)      Obama may be less respected as President, but he’s still a popular person and will not lie down in defeat. Be prepared for Hannity and Limbaugh to advise you to choose the most electable winner.
8)      GOP brass already know you would vote for a bowling ball to stop Obama. They have no motivation to give you anything better than a bowling ball.
9)      The media want it to be Romney or Pawlenty. Be prepared for these two to receive gushing coverage.
10)  Bad economies mean less opportunity for underdogs since fewer people can afford to donate.

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0 responses to “Ten Reasons Why We Will Get a RINO in 2012

  1. Candance I want to say that your wrong so bad…but I can’t.

  2. agggh trump/bachmann. bachmann/palin. trump/palin.
    the liberal media will be spending overtime throwing mud on every viable rep. candidate that has a shot at removing their golden boy. at all costs obama must be shown the door and tossed out of office. will a leader rise up out of the many that wish to run as the g.o.p. candidate and if so will he or she be able to withstand the liberal onslaught of slanderous bull shit..

  3. I think Trump will be ostracized by both the liberal media and the Repugnant ones. He will run as an Independent, a Washington outsider and common man’s hero and be narowly defeated by the Obots and the ill-informed masses.

  4. lowtechgrannie

    The two likely candidates I COULD NOT vote for would be Huckabee or Romney.
    I could happily vote for Trump, Ron Paul or Herman Cain. Trump and Cain have been phenomenally successful in the business world and seem to understand what Americam exceptionalism and the Consititution are all about. Cain would take the Race Card off the table. Ron Paul has walked the Constitutional walk many, many years before it became Tea Party chic.
    I like Palin but I don’t think she should run. She’s better as an agitator, in my opinion. I personally like her and agree with most of what she says, but, I think she’s too polarizing to appeal to enough independents.

    • Candance Moore

      I think she’s too polarizing to appeal to enough independents.
      See #7. Ron Paul is far more polarizing than Palin, and Trump is turning off independents with the birth issue.
      I personally am tired of worrying about whether someone is centrist enough to carry the precious independents. If the independents are really stupid enough to vote for Obama again then there really isn’t much for us to save.

      • Candance,my husband is an Independant,and he is more than behind Trump. I don’t think,I know alot of people that went Independant because they were fed-up with both parties.

    • LTG-look into Ron Paul’s stance on Muslims and War.[not good]

  5. cd,
    You left one out:
    11) The blatant (and not to mention well-documanted) stoopidity of the average American sheeple voter.

  6. I’m too depressed by this to even comment…except this:
    2012 is still many months away, and politics can change on a dime. Don’t lose hope.

  7. Besides the fact that we have no strong popular conservative, even if we did the media will do absolutely everything in their power to destroy him/her. We are facing a huge battle. I hope we win this one next time…(trying to be optimistic 🙂

  8. I feel that the issue of the emperor’s birth certificate is a red herring. It is meant as a diversion to the big picture. The left hopes to divide us so their corrupt policies can be entrenched in our country. I too, fear that a RINO candidate will be chosen. I hope that the Lord will have mercy on us, and we can begin to set things right.

  9. The BC is a Constitutional issue period. Even without it. Barry cannot be president if Barak Hussein Obama Sr. is his daddy. Which,could be another lie also. We must not let the commie media form our way of thinking. Stay assertive.


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