Ten Reasons the Dear Ruler May Be Toast in 2012

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Via: humanevents.com:
Bad omens abound for President Obama in his quest to win reelection in 2012. The President will have an uphill battle in his bid for a second term when faced with these Top 10 Bad Signs.
1. Jobless rate: The unemployment rate is stubbornly stuck at around 9%, with no sign of abating. Obama is reduced to running around the country touting his phony jobs bill and blaming others (President Bush, Japanese tsunami, Arab Spring, European debt, Tea Party) for the sad state of affairs.
2. Fast and Furious: The gunrunning saga is playing out as a classic Washington scandal that keeps getting bigger as “who-knew-what-when” is unraveled. With pit bull Rep. Darrell Issa putting Eric Holder on the hot seat, and possible tentacles into the White House, expect this one to heat up during the President’s reelection campaign.
3. Solyndra: The bankrupt solar-panel firm, which wasted half-a-billion dollars of taxpayer money while the White House was obsessed with a photo-op, is another scandal exploding at the worst time for Obama. Not only does it raise questions about the President steering federal funds to political supporters, it makes Obama’s promise of a green-jobs revolution look hopelessly naïve.
4. Poll numbers: Obama’s approval rating just keeps dropping, scraping the low-40s in poll after poll. Less than 20% of the population believes the country is on the right track. His base is depressed, he seemingly has lost the independent vote, and the enthusiasm of 2008 is gone for young voters.
5. Maxine Waters: It is cause for concern when the congresswoman from South Central Los Angeles goes on the attack against the first black President. His speech to the Congressional Black Caucus telling members to put on their slippers riled Waters, who complained that the President needs to understand the “pain and misery” the economy is causing. Also disillusioned are black voters who live in areas with high unemployment. Even a slightly depressed turnout in black areas will be a disaster on Election Day for Obama.
6. Herman Cain: The rise of support for Herman Cain from Republicans takes away one of Obama’s campaign cards—that the Tea Party is filled with racists. Should Cain get the GOP nomination, Obama will be matched against a skilled orator who would likely get a chunk of the black vote.
7. ObamaCare: The Supreme Court will likely rule on ObamaCare next year, reminding voters of the unpopular legislation just as the presidential campaign is in the homestretch. No matter how the court rules, reigniting the debate over health care will not be a winning issue for Obama.
8. Occupy Wall Street: Obama and Democrats hope the anticapitalism rally on Wall Street will spur the progressive version of the Tea Party, reenergizing the liberal base. But the Woodstock crowd could easily descend toward anarchy and make the Democratic convention next year in Charlotte, N.C., look the 1968 convention in Chicago, where Yippie-led riots ultimately aided Richard Nixon’s election.
9. Attack Watch: The Obama campaign outsmarted itself when it rolled out the AttackWatch website that asked citizens to send in examples of smears against the President. The venture quickly became an Internet joke, with a massive Twitter response that mocked the site. A typical tweet: “There’s a new Twitter account making President Obama look like a creepy, authoritarian nut-job,”
10. Collapsing presidency: It is never good for an incumbent seeking reelection to have stories that speculate about his mental health. But stories in the media are questioning whether the President has lost interest in the job. The New York Post recently wrote that Obama is becoming increasingly isolated: “President Obama has become a lone wolf, a stranger to his own government … an isolated man trapped in a collapsing presidency.”
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Of course, none of the above is going to amount to a pile of beans if the American electorate is asleep in the voting booth – if they even make it there.
We had all better pray that the voters are awake and paying attention, as this country simply will not survive a second Obama term.
(h/t: boortz.com)

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0 responses to “Ten Reasons the Dear Ruler May Be Toast in 2012

  1. And pray that repubs nominate someone that independents will vote for. My lib mom is in that boat….won’t vote republican if it’s someone she despises, no matter what their policies/platform.

    • Debbie,
      I know people like that, too, and I really don’t know what to do with them.
      You can try your best to educate them as to our precarious predicament, but some are just to stubborn to change.
      I’m still having issues with those I tried to warn before the ’08 election, when I essentially predicted this was where we would wind up under Obama.
      The only thing I missed was the timeline, as even I didn’t think that one person could do so much structural damage to this country in such a short time – and wouldn’t have had this congress not thrown its constitutional responsiblities out the window.
      Now I know better.

  2. I hear you DCG… I have family too, who, no matter what, wouldn’t vote anything but the Dem. platform… Straight Dem. ticket… And I can’t say I haven’t tried to aid them in seeing another point of view… *sigh*

    • I’m educating lib mom on Cain. ALL she knows is he’s that “pizza guy”. Heaven forbid she actually do some research on him….ugh

  3. RINOmney isn’t from Chicago.

  4. Key sentence:
    “Of course, none of the above is going to amount to a pile of beans if the American electorate is asleep in the voting booth – if they even make it there.”

  5. And us guys are going to be waiting in line for Akhmed the tailors assistant to measure us for our turbans, robes, and sandals.
    Those of us who haven’t been packed off for “reeducation,” I mean.

  6. For someone posing as a radical, hoping to commune with like minds, why would you advocate using the same methods that got us to where we are now? Voting, going to the voting booths like good sheeple, implies consent.
    Doing the same thing over and over again, expecting different results, implies insanity. So, what gives? Babbling on and on about which “candidate” is best for the job at hand, doesn’t exactly fix the problem. They are ALL compromised in some way…….at the very least, the desire to rule over anyone, no matter the rational, should be viewed as anti human and dealt with accordingly.


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