Tell CBS to fire writer who said she’s glad to ruin Justice Kavanaugh’s life

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Last Saturday, October 6, the Senate voted to confirm Brett Kavanaugh’s nomination to the Supreme Court, followed by his swearing in as America’s 114th Supreme Court justice.

The next day, Ariel Dumas, a writer for The (Stephen) Colbert Show, tweeted that she’s glad she and the Left have “ruined” Kavanaugh’s life:

“I’m just glad we ruined his life.”

Dumas quickly deleted the tweet, said she was just being sarcastic, then locked her Twitter account, but not before netizens had taken screenshots of her tweet.

If we are passive about unacceptable behaviors like Dumas’, we are acquiescing to and enabling more of the same.

American Family Association is sponsoring a petition urging CBS to fire Dumas:

To CBS Network:

I urge CBS to fire Tonight Show writer Ariel Dumas immediately for her despicable and hateful tweets against Judge Brett Kavanaugh and elected officials

Her unstable actions represent a lack of mutual respect for other people, and could incite others to take criminal action against Judge Kavanaugh.

So-called “jokes” like those Ariel Dumas has tweeted are not funny and CBS should take actions to distance itself from her and them.

More than 27k people have signed the petition.

To sign the petition, click here.

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15 responses to “Tell CBS to fire writer who said she’s glad to ruin Justice Kavanaugh’s life

  1. Kelleigh Nelson

    Maybe someday you or someone you love will be targeted and ruined by false accusations..I hope it comes soon and you realize that innocent until proven guilty is the truth of our Constitution…not some dingbat woman’s claims that Kavanaugh assaulted her by groping in a place, time, year, etc she can’t remember, including the people she can’t remember who were there, so convenient because then you can’t prove anything…what a bunch of lies.

  2. Petition signed. This will show Ariel DUMB-ASS that her wishes backfired and now HER LIFE IS RUINED!!! How do you like them apples, dumb ass?

  3. On a similar note – that Rosemount special ed teacher that was now fired/let go that nearly EVERY ‘conservative’ news outlet is withholding her name…….. gees – do none of them dig around just a little?

    Now I don’t believe in doxing or intimidation and definately not bearing false witness but at least a name is in order here. I don’t use social media at all but for those who do – they need to OWN IT (fools BTW IMHO) ! Simply attributing one’s name to a public statement is NOT the same as doxing senators (names are already out there), home addresses phone #’s, relatives etc. etc.

    Per Twitter (FWIW – again I don’t put much stock in social media).

    “Rosemount, MN special education teacher Samantha Ness has resigned….”
    This of course should be vetted by those with resources but it’s a starting place.

    BTW if any wish to pursue the irony here – email me at and I will inform you of my full name.

    • I, like you, don’t use social media either. I’m pretty sure nobody cares that I’m headed for the grocery market or picking up medicines at the pharmacy. I’ve never been THAT bored.

      The spooky part is that these morons are actually THAT upset. They really don’t know why, and couldn’t explain it to you, but one of them just might slip off the reservation and actually kill somebody.

      Look at that character today, Timothy Damm. They said they couldn’t keep him from dancing and rearranging the furniture down at the police station. They should have shot him with a Wild Kingdom dart gun full of thorazine. Then, when he comes to, they could put him to work scrubbing all that graffiti off the building he decorated.

      It is bad enough that some are trying to bring about the end of our country. It is worse that they are finding willing help.

  4. Just evil and insane. I can’t even begin to imagine getting jerked around like these little snowflakes. Mindless idiots. I’m glad they’re firing her.

  5. Heh, enjoying your’ pics Lophatt.

    BTW I failed to mention the special ed teachers quote….. “So whose going to take one for the team and kill Kavanaugh?”.

    • Thanks. Yeah, I read that in your attachment. Nice! It’s been a while but I’m fairly certain that threatening a federal judge (especially a Justice) is probably illegal.

      They’d do a lot better to arrest Soros, Brock, Obongo and his little friends and all of their apparatchiks.

  6. Done

  7. Signed as #29,731

    Bon Voyage Dumass!

  8. I’d take her much more seriously if she removed that poodle from her head.

  9. Wikileaks: Colbert Report Gave Clinton Foundation Control Over Production

  10. Unlike the SJWs on the Left…I NEVER make a comment I’ll have to delete. If you have the balls to say it…let it stand. If you feel you have to delete it…then there’s a serious flaw in the philosophy you’re offering up and you need to sit in the corner and examine your TRUE motivations (you can admit that motivation is hate…I mean, you ARE alone). It’s a built-in litmus test.


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