Tehama deputies were called 21 times to to gunman's neighborhood before shooting spree

kevin janson neal

Crazed man: Kevin Janson Neal who was on the deputies “radar”

I’m still waiting for the gun control fanatics to tell me which gun control laws, not already in place, would have stopped this nut.
As reported by Dale Kasler at the Sacramento Bee: When it came to police calls, the unpaved rural road where Tehama County gunman Kevin Janson Neal lived was a busy place.
The Tehama Sheriff’s Department was called to Neal’s remote neighborhood 21 times in the past year to deal with disputes between Neal, his wife and their neighbors, according to documents released Tuesday by the department.
The incident reports, released to The Sacramento Bee in response to a Public Records Act request, depict a feud in rural Rancho Tehama Reserve that was escalating out of control. Neal and his wife, the former Barbara Anne Glisan, initiated seven calls themselves, accusing their neighbors of manufacturing methamphetamine and aiming a weapon at Neal. Their neighbors called sheriff’s deputies six times to accuse Neal of firing gunshots in their direction.
The ongoing dispute climaxed last week. Neal, who was described by family members as delusional, shot his wife to death on Monday and buried her beneath their baby-blue motor home on Bobcat Lane. The next morning, armed with four weapons and clad in a military-style assault vest, Neal killed two of his neighbors, shot out the windows of the community’s elementary school in what authorities said may have been an attempt to kill a neighbor’s son, and then killed two more people. His 45-minute rampage ended when law enforcement officers shot Neal to death.
Neal was out on bail after being arrested last Jan. 31 for assaulting two of his neighbors, and the sheriff’s department last week acknowledged that Neal and his feud were on deputies’ radar screens. Assistant Sheriff Phil Johnston told reporters that Neal was “not law enforcement friendly” and would never come to the door when deputies arrived in response to calls. His disheveled motor home, whose front facade was partially covered by a giant metal awning, was twice placed under surveillance in an unsuccessful attempt to catch Neal doing something illegal.
The incident reports released Tuesday show that two of Neal’s neighbors, Hailey Suzanne Poland and Diana Lee Steele, called deputies three times in a week in late August to complain that Neal was firing gunshots, either toward their home or in an unsafe manner. In all three cases, deputies reported the area was quiet when they arrived. A few days later, Neal’s wife Barbara called deputies to say unidentified neighbors were driving by their house and yelling at her and Neal.
Steele was among the first people killed in the rampage last Tuesday.
In late July, Neal called deputies to complain that one of his neighbors, Danny Elliott, aimed a pistol at him. The incident report said the allegation was unfounded. Cal Fire, meanwhile, has said it couldn’t confirm Neal’s allegations that his neighbors were cooking meth. Elliott was also killed in Tuesday’s rampage.
The incident reports also provide the most detailed look at Neal’s Jan. 31 arrest for assaulting Poland and Steele.
When deputies arrived at the scene that January afternoon, Neal and his wife were sitting in their driveway and Neal was yelling that he had been attacked by “the two bitches” down the street. He added that he believed Poland and Steele had thrown a box of rat poison in his back yard to kill his dogs. When he confronted the two women, Steele struck him in the face and Poland tried to stab him, he told deputies.
In fact, it was Poland who had been stabbed, deputies said. The two women told deputies that they were walking toward a nearby creek when Neal jumped over a fence, brandishing a knife. Additional investigation revealed that the box of rat poison was empty and appeared to be old, and Neal acknowledged he had been shooting at a two-by-four with an assault rifle. When deputies talked to Neal’s wife, she said she saw her husband “making stabbing motions at the two ladies.”
Deputies confiscated an illegal assault rifle during the arrest. He later surrendered a handgun as part of a restraining order issued after he was bailed out of jail.
Johnston, the assistant sheriff, said the weapons used in last Tuesday’s shooting spree were homemade.

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MA in MO
MA in MO

Now four or is it five people are dead because law enforcement could not arrest a crazed mad man until he did ‘something illegal.’ Surely they could have arrested him and taken him to a mental institution for evaluation? Uh, probably not because many years ago the feel-good liberal leftist elites decided that we did not need mental health services in this country. Therefore they closed down all those facilities and mainstreamed everybody.


No matter how long it takes, The “system” needs to be cleansed.


“Mom it’s all over now. I have done everything I could do and I am fighting against everyone who lives in this area.”
They tried to use rat poison to kill his dog and gang up on him until he snapped. Tehhama city only has about 400 residents, like Sutherland Springs, it seems an odd venue. Likely that it was related to gang stalking; I’d like to know more about his anti-government, “conspiracy theories”:

True George

Good ole boy club….


You have to wonder when and why the “rights” of people that clearly are having mental problems trumps the safety of those in their path.. Liberalism and refusing to at least consider holding these people for a few days for an evaluation has to be held responsible,