"Teens" attack lifeguards at Brooklyn's $50M public pool

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Last week, New York’s mayor Bloomberg was on hand at an elaborate gala ribbon-cutting ceremony for the reopening of a public swimming pool in Brooklyn — the Olympic-sized McCarren Pool, which cost $50 million in renovation.

A day after, the pool was shut down because “a rowdy group of teens” attacked the lifeguards.

Rich Calder reports for the New York Post, June 30, 2012, that the incident occurred around 6:15 p.m., less than hour before the pool was expected to close for the night. The pool was packed, at its capacity of 1,500 people because of the heatwave.
Parks Department spokeswoman Vickie Karp said “Lifeguards at McCarren Pool were attacked by an unruly crowd, and the pool had to close to restore order.”
Witnesses said a group of “teens” started the trouble by doing back-flips in the pool and then attacking one of the lifeguards who tried to get them to stop.
“Was just @ mccarren pool to witness a gigantic brawl between lifeguards an hs kids,” tweeted @MISTER—AOK. “Full riot w ppl elbow dropping offa lifeguard chairs.”
Life guard assaulted, nearly drowned by group of kids; McCarren Pool closes early today. Sadface,” tweeted @apsmithnyc.

There were no serious injuries, and the pool is expected to reopen Saturday morning.
I’ve learnt that whenever a media account of a riot uses words like “youths” and “teens”, the words are euphemistic politically-correct code-words for certain racial-ethnic groups.
Sure enough, three days later, on July 3, 2012, the New York Daily News reports that three people have been arrested for the attack incident. They are:

  • Rodolfo Torres, 20, charged with assault on a police officer for punching a responding cop in face.
  •  Jose Carmarso, 18, charged with disorderly conduct.
  • Carlos Carmarso, 17, charged with disorderly conduct.

What a surprise! [snark]

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0 responses to “"Teens" attack lifeguards at Brooklyn's $50M public pool

  1. I always had one standing offer to any who would
    dispute mine or my guards authority could meet me in the
    deep end ….
    never had any takers because my first test for all my guards
    was to rescue me…and I NEVER made it too easy

  2. There used to be a very politically incorrect bit on a wildly popular a.m. talk show I used to listen to (before you had to pay for it) where criminal activity would be discussed and whenever the last name of the accused ended with, for example, -ez, a sound effect of a judge’s gavel hitting the desk would go off and our very tall, long-haired Semitic host would announce “guilty!”

  3. this politically correct news reporting has gone past the ridiculous and has now entered the twilight zone. soon there will be a straw that breaks the camels back and it will not be pretty. people can only take so much crap and this half assed politically correct bullshit has created a group of brain deads who actually believe they have a right to be antagonistic.

  4. We have reached the point where the Ministry of Truth in 1984 has arrived, if a little late, and the real truth is thrown down the memory hole to be replaced with code words like ‘youth’ and ‘teen’. Related: the major news media all had video reports of Roberts’ ruling upholding Obamacare because the “mandate” was a “tax”; now the sites have been scrubbed. Tax? What tax? Huh? Whatchya talkin’ about? Shame on the media for the state of this country.

  5. Well, at least they didn’t refer to them as “Asians,” cuzz that would have meant they was Moooooooooooooslems.

  6. Never trust the SRM…
    $50m for remodel? Good grief…

  7. winstonsmith6079

    JEEZ! The “po’ liddle kiddles” bitch and moan that the city/state/ Federal Govt. don’t give them enough – then when they ARE given something their first action is to destroy its usefulness! A few more incidents like this and the City will either drain the pool and lock the gates or it will begin to resemble a hog wallow – just like the Left’s much-vaunted “Housing Projects”!
    Two or three times my home town tried to have a movie theater back in the 60’s but within a month or less a few (white) punks thought it would be “cute” to slit the seats and such – result, for nearly ALL the 22 years I lived there we had NO theater!

  8. The ironic thing is that it’s doubtful the kids can swim. We get busloads from NYC to Dorney Parks Waterpark. They go in deep water and have to be hauled out before they drown. These idiots don’t know/care.

  9. boy do I miss surfing….but in consolation,I float like a sea-otter.
    I miss the squeals and fun but not the trash…I guess the sand
    isn’t like a huge ashtray over-flowing with ‘butts’ anymore but
    now there’s a bumper crop of empty water-bottles….

  10. 1500 hundred people is a huge number for lifeguards to maintain; especially those who behave like savages. They don’t know how to behave.


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