Ted Nugent Rips CBS' Jeff Glor a New One

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In my humble opinion, Glor had it coming and deserved every word of it.
You go, Uncle Ted!

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0 responses to “Ted Nugent Rips CBS' Jeff Glor a New One

  1. edward oleander

    Even I have to admit that Glor is annoying, but not nearly so much as Nugent himself. Glor may now have a New One, but Ted IS one.

    • Why?
      Is it because unlike you, Ted hasn’t been castrated, Mr. New Castrati?
      Ted Nugent cares more about America than an entire See B.S. building filled with Jeff Glors.
      I say God bless the man, and more power to him.
      And when (not if) the feces really impacts the impeller, I would much rather be in the middle of ten Ted Nugents than in the midst of a thousand Jeff Glors.

  2. OK, I love Uncle Ted too….yet, what he said to the woman was really inappropriate (if it was said to her). If he said it to the pansy interviewing him, well, ok. He got a little hot-headed, I get it.
    He’s tired of the PC baloney and I don’t blame him. I just don’t want him sinking to a Bill Maher level, that’s all. Us cons should be better than that.

  3. Don’t like the language at all. He could have gotten his point across without it. Weakens his credibility! Makes him look like a fool and just gives the libs. more ammo!

  4. Still better than Charlie Sheen…

  5. Some Truthteller

    Why is this “man” a conservative hero?
    Nugent once boasted that he avoided serving in Vietnam by not bathing for an entire month, spending the last 10 days urinating and defecating in the same pair of pants before going for his draft board physical.
    His pedophilic and adulterous tendencies are well-documented. While touring with his band, he has sex with underage girls on a regular basis, which he unashamedly admitted in a 1998 interview (he laughingly referred to his behavior as “alternative flesh management”).
    In 1977, he wrote and recorded the oh-so-conservative song Wang Dang Sweet Poontang:
    That Nadine, what a teenage queen
    She lookin’ so clean, especi’lly down in between; what I like
    She come to town; she be foolin’ around
    A puttin’ me down as a rock-and-roll clown
    It’s all right
    Wang dang, what a sweet poontang
    A shakin’ my thang as a rang-a-dang-dang in the bell
    She’s so sweet when she yanks on my meat
    Down on the street you know she can’t be beat
    What the hell
    A year later, he cheated on his wife yet again with more sweet teenage poontang (a 17-year-old Hawaiian girl), and, after dumping his wife shortly thereafter, convinced the girl’s parents to allow him to become her legal guardian so she could move in with him (because the law prohibited him from marrying a minor). The girl eventually left him because he cheated on HER with yet another teenager.
    Over the years, he’s broken the law numerous times; last month he pleaded guilty to illegally killing a bear.
    This paragon of conservative virtue has fathered three bastard children, refusing to pay child support for the third one until forced to do so after a 10-year battle by the child’s mother.
    And then there are his not-so-thinly-veiled death threats against the President.
    I suppose that I shouldn’t be too surprised that many here worship Nugent. I note that many other prominent conservatives are also draft-dodgers, lawbreakers, serial adulterers and/or wife-dumpers…Rush Limbaugh, Newt Gingrich, John McCain, and Herman Cain immediately come to mind.

  6. snuffy smiff

    And if he were to run for anything as a democrat you’d still vote for him.

  7. not fair Truthy…now I can’t get Wango Tango out of my head,again
    (my lifeguards just loved that song and you could count on
    hearing it several times a day that summer…) but theirs no doubt
    that many have their youthful indiscretions to overcome…but that’s
    the whole point about repentance and forgiveness.

  8. edward you are a troll, you blow.

  9. LibsRinos&tyrantsuk

    Sometruth is a typical right wing bashing Liberal. Hey truthteller, why don’t you make mention of your heroes? John Kerry, Bill Maher, Jeremiah Wright, Alec Baldwin et.al.

  10. LibsRinos&tyrantsuk

    OH, here are a few more of Sometruthreller’s heroes: Bill Clinton, John Edwards and Anthony Weiner. Yeah, great role models!


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