Ted Cruz's Coat of Many Donors

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IRONY ALERT! – Ted Cruz’s campaign slogan is “Reigniting the Promise of America”.
If they made a suit with logos of Ted Cruz’s corporate donors, it would look like this.
Ted Cruz donors
H/t FOTM‘s MomOfIV
Wall Street donations to 2016 presidential candidates
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0 responses to “Ted Cruz's Coat of Many Donors

  1. This pic is funny . All he needs is a ball cap on his head and a steering wheel in his hand and he’ll be ready for N.A.S.C.A.R.

  2. THIS IS A KEEPER in my inbox and NOT in my files.
    He is a bought and paid for …. you know what!

  3. Oh yeah, Ted Cruz is bought and paid for. All his so-called Christianity is nothing but show. He carries a Bible in one hand and a knife in the other. Real Christians don’t lie like Cruz, neither do they use the dirtiest campaign manager to destroy other candidates with lies. Sadly, most American Christians have little to no discernment. This guy belongs to the Dominionist/Reconstructionist gang and that’s an heretical doctrine…and his father, his PAC manager David Barton, and now even goofy Glenn Beck, all buy into this insanity.

    • I can’t wait to show this to the Cruz People. They will continue to make stupid excuses.
      I have NEVER seen such toxic people as the Cruz people in my entire life as an adult voter.

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  5. Reblogged this on Scoop Feed.

  6. Ted looks like a stock car in this illustration. Very funny.

  7. They all have donors. Ted Cruz is the only constitutional conservative. i like him.

  8. Just another wolf in sheep’s clothing. I just don’t understand how it is that people “still think he is the Saintly Ted Cruz.” He would sell the American people down the river in a heart beat. One question I would have is . . . if he loves America so very, very much — why was it he only renounced his Canadian citizenship just when he decided to run for President? In fact, I just can’t comprehend how he could be an American if his mother had renounced her American citizenship, and his father was a Canadian–how then was American citizenship conveyed to him? Did he ever apply for American citizenship? This one fact seems to be rather murky.
    Just another lyin’ political pain in the rump.

  9. And I’m glad to put Goldman-Sachs front and center, given his wife Heidi’s affiliation with them.
    I am very disappointed with Canada Ted. He used to say a number of things that I agreed with. But ever since that “loan” you exposed in a previous post hit the news, he’s been a disappointment. And as it turns out, Canada Ted is just another Bush apparatchik. (He appointed Neil Bush of “I scammed America for a half a billion with Silverado S & L” as a campaign aide).

  10. hypocrisy, thy name is rafael, er um…”ted”

  11. I have NEVER seen anyone lie like he does to have so many supporters stand UP for his lies! …OR, Blame it on anyone, including Trump for anything he can think up out of his Toxic head!
    This man is HUGE trouble and disaster for the U.S. if he is allowed to defraud his way into office.

  12. You did a GREAT thing when you gave us the list of Cruz doners.
    I have given it out even if someone even speaks his stupid name!

  13. This is just one of many polls:
    Gov. John Kasich44,109(2%)
    Sen. Marco Rubio68,773(3%)
    Sen. Ted Cruz315,122(14%)
    Donald Trump 472,924(21%)
    Breaking News at Newsmax.com https://www.newsmax.com/Surveys/Results/id/113/#ixzz4335e73kf

  14. Friends, I got into this late, and have no interest in this overly wealthy clown… BUT, I can truthfully say he will soon disappear, FAR more wealthy than he entered the fictive ‘race’ to the bottom, as candidates are now allowed to retain ALL donations: If only life were so easy for us mere voters, cattle [goyim], and other useful idiots….

  15. My Lord! The Cruz people must be on Acid. They swear he is the ONLY one running who is a, get this word! “Constitutionalist.”!!!
    Cruz’s Professor at Harvard-Senator Ted Cruz Was For The Constitution, Before He Turned Against It…

    • Much like John ( Heinz ) Kerry voted against the war in Iraq , after he voted for it . Can’t have it both ways political types !………..Or do you think all of the electorate are as dumb as your democrapic voting coalition ?

  16. Steven, he could go back to Canada, join one of the political parties and run for PM.
    Shhh, I hope my friend from Canada doesn’t read this. She doestn’t like him; however, she’d take him over the white Canadian PM they just elected. He is sooo much like Obama.


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