Broncos win, Tebow thanks God & libs get mad

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In October I wrote about “Tebowing” and the Broncos quarterback, Tim Tebow.  “Tebowing” refers to the pray-like stance Tim takes on the field.  In October, a Detroit Lions player mocked this stance Tim makes.  And many have been outraged that Tim vocalizes his religious belief.
Yesterday was an amazing game for the Bronco’s and people are again in an uproar over Tim.  The Broncos were behind 10 -0 with under 3 minutes left in the game.  They came back in that short time and tied the game, sending it into overtime.  The Bears won the toss and then proceeded to turnover the ball to the Broncos.  And with that the Broncos scored a field goal to win the game!  After the game, Tim said this:
“First and foremost I just have to thank my Lord and savior, Jesus Christ and thank my teammates.  This is just, it’s an unbelievable feeling.  What an environment with these fans. I’m so proud of these fans and my teammates and my coaches. You have something special when you have a team that nothing is going right but you continue to believe and you stick together and you encourage one another and eventually good things are going to happen. I believe that we’re a team that keeps the faith and keeps believing in each other and that’s something special.”
And liberals’ head exploded after the game.  Here’s some choice comments from Twitter, Facebook and Huffington Post:

  • TimTebow lookin like a douche in his aftergame interview…god damn i hate him.
  • Tim Tebow is the anti-Christ.
  • What annoys me is the conceit athletes exhibit when they thank god for a victory. Do they really believe their all-knowin­g, omniscient god has favored them with a win?
  • When you have players like Tebow routinely attribute their victories to divine interventi­on (and go to great lengths to point out that they are serious about it, not just say it as a figure of speech), then it does get annoying. More than just annoying, actually – misguided and downright disturbing­.
  • I am disgusted to listen to your weekly references to your wins being an act of Jesus Christ.

I don’t believe Tim has ever attributed his wins to Jesus Christ.  Rather, he knows he’s blessed and gives thanks to the Lord.  I say good for Tim for being a good Christian role model for young boys, and being able to freely speak his mind about his beliefs.  And making Sunday football a little more exciting 🙂

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6 responses to “Broncos win, Tebow thanks God & libs get mad

  1. That’s what you get for being God-haters. Like Meth users, their teeth must be rotting from all the bile and acid.

  2. Amen Tim.
    Thank you for having a strong Heart and a solid foundation.
    There are way too many soft/weak hearted, poisonous Liberal Atheists out there.
    Keep up the good work setting a good example for America’s children.

  3. Tim Tebow has a gift. He is a shining example for our youth. We will keep the faith. These people that say these terrible things,anti-americans,I hope their tongues and lips rot and fall off. Wouldn’t want to be them in the end game.

  4. I almost hate to bring this up, however; I have never heard anyone criticize a black athlete when they effusively thank God for their victories. Tim is white and libs look for anything over which to criticize white Christians

  5. Tim Tebow is a role model to all especially to the Football fans and I admire him for that. Keep the faith dude… and somehow you are encouraging other people to just believe in God no matter what religion they are in. It’s Tebow Madness!

  6. Seems I remember a time when teams before all football games would get down on one knee for a team prayer.


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