Teaching guide for Portland public schools celebrates Islam, communists, terrorists, abortion; promotes gun control & transgenders

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U.S. public schools are no longer about teaching students facts, information, and how to read and write. It’s all about “changing the world” in accordance with what the Left call “social justice” — code words for Marxism.

In an exclusive for the Gateway Pundit, Brock Simmons reports, Aug. 29, 2018, that 3,500 public school teachers in Portland, Oregon, are given an $18 teaching guide meant for children as young as 5 years old.

The guide, Planning to Change The World – A Plan Book For Social Justice Teachers, is produced by the Education for Liberation Network, published in partnership with Rethinking Schools, and is suffused with Marxist propaganda.

To begin, the teaching guide states its purpose as:

Planning to Change the World is a plan book for teachers who believe their students can and do create meaningful social change….

This plan book is designed to help teachers translate their visions of a just education into concrete classroom activities. It is both a daily reminder of the importance of teaching for justice and a collection of tools to help you do just that. Planning to Change the World is packed with important social justice birthdays and historical events, words of wisdom from visionary leaders, lesson plans, resources, social justice education happenings and much more.

And what is the teaching guide’s conception of the “social justice” that students are encouraged to “change the world” into?

It is a vision that celebrates Islam (while downplaying Christianity), communists and domestic terrorists; promotes gun-control and “transgenders”; celebrates abortion; and trashes America’s July 4 and Thanksgiving holidays.


The teaching guide gives prominence to:

  • The Muslim holidays of Eid al-Adha on August 20 and Muharram on September 11.
  • A quote by activist Pervez Musharraf: “Islam teaches tolerance, not hatred; universal brotherhood, not enmity; peace, and not violence.”

While the teaching guide’s calendar does acknowledge Christmas Day, the word “Christmas” is in a thinner type font, whereas the wholly concocted “African American” holiday of Kwanzaa and the Mexican Cinco de Mayo on May 5 get bold type fonts.


The teaching guide:

  • Celebrates the anniversary of the founding of Communist North Korea on September 9, and the anniversary on December 4 of the El Congreso del Pueblos de Habla Espanola, an organization linked to communist sympathizers; and the birthday of Marxist intellectual Noam Chomsky on December 7. No mention is made of Imperial Japan’s attack on Pearl Harbor on December 7.
  • Features quotes by known Marxists, including:
    • The Left’s perennial favorite Che Guvara: “I am not a liberator. Liberators do not exist. The people liberate themselves.”
    • Black Nationalist Marcus Garvey: “We are not rebels and revolutionaries, but humans who will no longer be denied our humanity.”


  • Celebrates the birthday of Fred Hampton, the founder of domestic terrorists Black Panthers, including a quote from him on the need for Black racial solidarity.
  • Features quotes by:
    • Assata Shakur, a violent Black Panther activist who escaped from prison and fled to Cuba in the 1970’s after murdering a police officer in New Jersey. She is one of the FBI’s most wanted, with a $2 million reward for her capture.
    • Black Panther and Communist Party member Angela Davis, who purchased guns that were used in a courthouse shoot out in the 1960’s: “I am no longer accepting the things I cannot change. I am changing the things I cannot accept.”
    • Black Panther James Forman: “We are not born revolutionary. Revolutionaries are forged through constant struggle and the study of revolutionary ideas and experiences.”
    • Roger Alvarado, a member of the Third World Liberation Front, which conducted a series of violent student protests in California in the 1960’s, including his quote: “We need a change, we need a change in education if we are ever going to be able to relate to our people in a real way. In elementary schools, in secondary schools, we ourselves need a change — right here.”

Gun Control & Transgenders

The teaching guide’s calendar devotes the month of April to gun control with the quote: “How and why are schoolchildren uniquely and powerfully positioned to demand gun control?”

On transgenders, the teaching guide:

  • Includes a special feature on “15 Everyday Ways to Affirm Trans and Gender Nonconforming (TGNC) Students” to help teachers to stop use terms such as “boys and girls”, “men and women” and “ladies and gentlemen” because they are offensive and oppressive to “those who are neither, both or bits of each”.
  • Quotes “transgender” actor Laverne Cox: “Each and every one of us has the capacity to be an oppressor. I want to encourage each and every one of us to interrogate how we might be an oppressor, and how we might be able to become liberators for ourselves and each other.”

The teaching guide also celebrates the 30th anniversary of Roe v. Wade on April 9, and trashes Thanksgiving, calling it the “National Day of Mourning”, and July 4 by quoting a Sioux author: “The White man must no longer project his fears and insecurities onto other groups, races and countries. Before the White man can relate to others he must forgo the pleasure of defining them.”

You can reach Portland Public Schools superintendent Guadalupe Guerrero at (503) 916-3200.


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33 responses to “Teaching guide for Portland public schools celebrates Islam, communists, terrorists, abortion; promotes gun control & transgenders

  1. This is absurd! Totally what the Satanic influence wants in these end times. The trouble is that people are believing these lies!

  2. I hope the good people of Portland say NO WAY JOSE on this one! Speak now or forever hold your peace.😎

  3. Why don’t you “EDUCATORS” concentrate on the basics (reading, writing, arithmetic), from what I have seen these subjects are SADLY LACKING in the student of today. For good measure a bit of AMERICAN HISTORY could also be thrown in. What novel ideas. Concentrate on what your real purpose is,
    AND leave the social issues to the home and those really responsible for the up-bringing of the students.

  4. Islam, Communism, Gun Control, they just forgot the main Topic Heading,
    Satanist Principles and Practice

  5. Karl Marx and Communism is alive and well in Portland. This is why home schooling is superior. Snowflakeology has replaced reading, writing, and arithmetic. SOVIET and Islamic Studies have replaced History.

  6. What happened to separation of church and state in regards to teaching Islam?!

  7. More details


    Sample pages


    It’s like the “Anarchist’s Day Planner”

  8. This is a rabbit hole.

    So the book is put out by the “Education for Liberation Network”


    Who are underwritten by the “Chicago Freedom School”


    Who apparently got funding from the Gates Foundation, among others:


  9. Next national conference is MPLS St Paul (shocker there) July 11-14 2019


    Any former / current teachers want to go and do a little research?


  10. A very large group of people in Babylon need to be executed. The time of democracy is OVER since there is no more christian culture or unity in the west anymore, thus democracy has no basis anymore, the only way to save the west is by war, execution of many millions of subversives and instituting non legalese laws which say what they mean and mean what they say and burning all previous legalese law books and making them all null and void. The main new law will be freedom of individuals FROM the state and any threat the state may have upon any individual minus any specific exception such as murder, rape, theft. It shall be a law that no one can sue or charge anyone for “offending” in any way. All words and curses shall remain legal eternally, and no faggot shall have any right to children or ever have a right to adopt them. Neither shall any woman have any right to murder her baby ever again, or be executed herself.

    • In 1890 the Superintendent of the US Naval War college was Capt. Alfred Thayer Mahan. His niche in history is that he authored a little book titled “The Influence of Seapower on History” which turned out to be very popular and influential within the ranks of professional naval officers. Kaiser Wilhelm II, who reportedly kept a copy on his bedside table, ordered that the officers of his Kreigsmarine read it.
      One of the topics Mahan discussed was the concept of a ‘fleet in being’. This was the idea that just the possession of a large, powerful, efficient naval force was enough to secure a nation from the possibility of invasion and guarantee that the nation’s merchant shipping could go about its business without fear of foreign harassment. Mahan also said that the longer that a nation’s navy remains just a ‘fleet in being’ without ever going into action, the less and less effective it will be at keeping the peace. Someday, somebody will decide to take a chance.
      The Second Amendment to the US Constitution has been a ‘fleet in being’ for over two hundred years and those who it was meant to deter are becoming bold and restless. It looks like the time is coming when it will be necessary to do something pour encourager les autres – big time.


  12. “Published by Education for Liberation Network”? Who approves these syllabi? Are they just allowed to visit the local “Hall of Labor” and pick up literature for inclusion?

    Other than Obongo, who said we wanted to fundamentally change our whole way of life? I never said that. Where does one acquire a mandate to brainwash our children?

    Again, these communist social engineers rely on our being observers of our lives, not participants. Stuff like this calls for torches and pitchforks.

  13. Just another example of why we are in end times. We are in the “short breath” days granted by God which most likely started with the last election. How long it lasts is up to how people vote this time. There is a desperation on the other side to move down the road to hell faster than ever. All this garbage will only stop when the world is ruled by The King of Kings, Jesus himself.

  14. To be fair (which is something these libtards wouldn’t ever be), Cinco de Mayo is a genuine Mexican (only) holiday that commemorates a battlefield victory of the Mexican Army over a much larger and powerful enemy – the French – in a war that the Mexicans then lost. The French thought they could take over Mexico while the US was in the middle of the Civil War. Once the war was over, the US told the French to GTFO and the Frogs did what they do best and retreated back to France where, a few years later, the Prussians totally defeated them and even captured the French emperor Louis Napoleon. Meanwhile, the Mexicans revolted against their imported emperor Maximilian, captured him and then executed him.

    • Sort of begs question as to why it is celebrated here. To be fair (ha!), I have asked this question many times. Usually I get a blank stare and some vague reference to “Mexican Independence Day” (whatever that is).

  15. WHY are parents continuing to send their children to these state run indoctrination centers?
    I understand the need for both parents to work today in order to make ends meet, but how about getting concerned, independent, freedom loving citizens together, and forming our own private, community based schools?

    Why are parents trusting the government to teach their children anything?

  16. Racism: the Bottom Line of Everything!

    Don Boys, Ph.D.


    Racism is the bottom line of everything because students are being taught and programmed to be racists by racists! Left wing university professors (black and white) are aghast when they are told that they are racists. Professors, preachers, pundits, and psychologists tell everyone that racism is the worse sin one can commit, but while racism is wrong, it is not a sin recorded in the Bible! Racism is never mentioned as a sin in the Bible although Christ’s command in Matthew 7:12 would eliminate all racism worldwide. Christ said, “Therefore all things whatsoever ye would that men should do to you, do ye even so to them.” That would solve almost all the world’s interpersonal problems—murder, rape, slavery, child abuse, robbery, broken contracts, lying, etc. And racism.

    Progressives declare that they cannot be racists; they get away with that because they use their own definitions. They can use offensive words in what they call music or in drama, but if I use the same words to tell people not to use those words, I am considered a racist! Frankly, a black progressive calling a conservative Christian a racist is like a skunk accusing a rabbit of having bad breath.

    Leftists insist on using their unique definitions for many words as Humpty Dumpty said to Alice in Through the Looking Glass, “When I use a word, it means just what I choose it to mean.”

    American universities are telling students “Understand that you are white, so it is inevitable that you have unconsciously learned racism. Your unearned advantage must be acknowledged and our racism unlearned.” That is not only racist but also stupid.

    Have you noticed that when a racial minority commits a crime against a white person, the media quickly tells us to not judge the whole race because of a few; however, when a white man does a crime against a colored person, we hear charges of systemic racism? It appears that those who yell the loudest and are the quickest to identify racism are the most racist of all.

    Dictionaries should rewrite their definition of racist to be “someone winning an argument with a liberal.” The argument is easy to win if one simply reads leftist newspapers and journals. Of course, that would result in terminal brain rot.

    The headline shouted, “Atlantic Writer Claims Solar Eclipse is Racist!” Mother Nature was racist because the path of the eclipse fell across areas of the country populated mostly by white people! No, it was not humor or satire. It was tagged, “science.” A dummy Brooklyn Law Professor said, “Still, an eclipse chaser is always tempted to believe that the skies are replaying a message.” Taking a second breath and wiping the foam from her quivering lips, she wrote, “The strange path of the eclipse suggests a need for reorganization” of our society. And generally, the path was over Americans who voted for Trump. I kid you not.

    How dare Mother Nature spread the eclipse across white America leaving out the major black cities requiring them to experience the eclipse second or third hand.

    The professor should be in a mental hospital where she can get the help she desperately needs, not in a law school where she can destroy young minds–young minds that are already soft and porous from drugs, rock music, and incessant bombardment from the left.

    Folks, the big surprise here is not an idiotic statement made by a self-hating white racist but that any school would hire such a person. And to not fire her for such an outrageous statement proves the depth of moral cowardice in academia. I think she has a right to be a racist but she doesn’t have a right to be ignorant. Fire her for ignorance, not racism.

    But it gets worse, if possible. “The goal of abolishing the white race is on its face so desirable that some may find it hard to believe that it could incur any opposition….” That statement came from an article titled “Abolish the White Race,” and published in Harvard Magazine, vol. 105, no. 1 (2002), p. 30. Yes, that Harvard.

    The above was written by a Harvard Professor! Suppose a Christian had written the same thing about Blacks or Hispanics! Sane people believe that people, all people, should be treated like people—not Black, White, etc. Not Irish-Americans. Not African-Americans. Just Americans!

    Now we are told that black racists complained to the Palm Springs, California Desert Sun that some trees planted in the 1960s are racist! I kid you not. Of course, note that this is California. Residents complain that the invasive trees block views of the Tahquitz Creek Golf Course and San Jacinto Mountains. In doing so, they have artificially depressed property values and prevented black families from accumulating wealth in their property over the past half century! Surely all Americans have a right to expect our trees not to be racist!

    Students at Michigan State University are being taught that doing yoga is “cultural appropriation” by white people which makes them racists. I don’t like yoga because of its relationship to eastern religions but it is not racist.

    Now, we are told that Little House on the Prairie (books and television series) was not the wholesome series we thought. It too is, you guessed it, racist!

    The media glorifies racists and castigates Conservatives who call attention to black racism in Jesse Jackson, Barack Obama, Omarosa, or Al Sharpton. Al spoke at Kean College and provided a first class example of black racism. He said, “White folks was (sic) in caves while we was (sic) building empires. We taught philosophy and astrology (!) and mathematics before Socrates and them (sic) Greek homos ever got around to it.” It is difficult to imagine a legitimate college providing a platform (and a generous honorarium) to such an incompetent race baiter.

    Overlooking his incredibly botched English and his positive reference to astrology, he implied that mankind lived in caves, which is a silly distortion of early civilization although it does fit the evolutionary mythology. Men have always lived in caves; even millions do so today in China and the Philippines but cave living is a cartoon depiction of reality. Moreover, he failed to mention one empire that Blacks have built. Now, remember he brought this up so I am only correcting his historical misinformation. Of course, I will be called a racist for doing so. That way, they don’t have to explain the missing black empires.

    I’m not sure whether Sharpton knows the facts or not; he probably doesn’t know that he doesn’t know. He does know that race baiting pays off big time. He even has his own television show to display his $1000.00 suits and $400.00 shoes—and his proficiency in the English language!

    Black leader Booker T. Washington wrote, “There is a class of colored people who make a business of keeping the troubles, the wrongs and the hardships of the Negro race before the public. Having learned that they are able to make a living out of their troubles, they have grown into the settled habit of advertising their wrongs—partly because they want sympathy and partly because it pays.” It does pay and very well.

    A few years ago, I didn’t know what racist was; now it seems I are one!
    According to the racists with small minds and big mouths!

    Boys’ new book Muslim Invasion: The Fuse is Burning! was published recently by Barbwire Books; to get your copy, click here. An eBook edition is also available.

    (Dr. Don Boys is a former member of the Indiana House of Representatives; ran a large Christian school in Indianapolis, wrote columns for USA Today for eight years; authored 18 books and hundreds of columns and articles for the internet and print media publications; and defended his beliefs on hundreds of talk shows. These columns go to newspapers, magazines, television, and radio stations and may be used without change from title through the end tag. His web sites are http://www.cstnews.com and http://www.Muslimfact.com and http://www.thegodhaters.com. Contact Don for an interview or talk show.)

    Follow Dr. Boys on Facebook at CSTNews and TheGodHaters, Twitter, and visit his blog.

    • Yes, I agree. I’ve mentioned before that our concept of “race” is actually fairly new. I have several old textbooks from the early Twentieth Century that discuss “race” in terms of associations. These are scholarly works.

      “Race” is defined in terms of the Spartans or Cretans. Genetics were not the central focus of “race”. I think in Scripture that is the case as well. The bottom line is that for Christians we are to see all of God’s creation as fellow beings.

      We are not to hate a group because of their locality, for example. We are to judge people on their own merits. That also doesn’t mean that we have to assume that all “races” are equal. We just have to accept them for who and what they are and act in a Christian manner toward them.

  17. Have any parents confronted the school board and superintendent over this? I find it hard to believe there isn’t a parent majority who are against this indoctrination.

  18. Here’s another example:


    My question is, just who is it that decides, from this day forward, this will be the new reality? On who’s authority is this done? What if I don’t agree with this and I don’t want my kid exposed to it? Do I get a refund on my taxes?

  19. CogitoErgoSumantra

    Those all come straight out of the progressive left social democrats’ education platform as established by Obama and (Arne) Duncan.

    Should we tell them those buffoons are no longer in power? Wonder how much federal aid they receive? Cut it off.

    Why don’t they just call it, “White Christian Shaming”?
    I don’t yet see male bashing on the list, but it’s coming.

    It all goes back to “America *isn’t* an autonomous nation with borders and laws”, to “The Constitution (written by rich white slave owners) is meant to be changed as societal needs & culture change”, and “We aren’t a country born from religious beliefs, nor under God”… It’s the hippy revolution gone mad.

  20. Portland, Oregon or Portland, Maine?

    Please clarify

  21. They do it because we do nothing

    • Dave, Which is why they are going to be so persistent on taking people’s guns away. They pretend that YOU are a danger. But, that doesn’t speak to the fact that it actually is THEY who are the ones who will be wanting to kill you – if they were to take them away.

      “Fazeli’s Facebook shows he’s a March For Our Lives supporter who wants to disarm the American public, presumably so he and his ilk can have an easier time killing us:”

      ‘F**k Trump!’ Farzad Fazeli Attempts to Stab GOP House Candidate On 9/11″


  22. Morons contribute to their own destruction and to ours.

  23. Here is a video you might like to see: it is about a German girl in her first grade class: she is the only German-speaking student in her class:



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