Teachers' Union Recommends Book Dedicated to Satan

Saul Alinsky (1909-1972), one of the gurus of the Left, was an American “community organizer” and writer most famous for his last book, Rules for Radicals, which tutored a fresh-out-of-Harvard-Law radical named Barack Hussein Obama in community organizing Marxist agitprop
Alinsky addressed his book at the 1960s generation of socialist-communist radicals. Simply put, Rules for Radicals is a socialist how-to manual on organizing for mass power. As Alinsky put it, the book is meant “for those who want to change the world from what it is to what they believe it should be…for the Have-Nots on how to take it [power] away” from the Haves.
It gets worse.
Alinsky dedicated the book to Lucifer — the fallen angel who was the best and brightest of God’s angels, but who chose himself instead of God, and so became the sworn enemy of God and goodness. Lucifer is also known as Satan or the Devil. Here’s a screen shot of Alinsky’s dedication:

This book, Rules for Radicals, that was dedicated to Satan, is the very same book that the National Education Association (NEA) recommends to its members!
The NEA is a teachers’ union and the largest labor union in the United States at 3.2 million members. The NEA represents public school teachers and other support personnel; faculty and staffers at colleges and universities; retired educators; and college students preparing to become teachers. Headquartered in Washington, D.C. (all the better to lobby Congress), the NEA has affiliate organizations in every state and in more than 14,000 communities across America. It employs over 550 staff and had a budget of more than $307 million for the 2006–2007 fiscal year.
In other words, the NEA is enormously powerful, wielding power not only over politicians but, more importantly, over our children via how and what teachers teach. So you should be alarmed that on its website, the NEA is recommending socialist Alinsky’s Rules for Radicals. Here’s what the NEA website says:

Recommended Reading: Saul Alinsky, the American Organizer
A Resource for Every Organizer and Everyone Contemplating Action in Their Community
NEA recommends the following Saul Alinsky books to those members of our Association who are involved in grassroots organizing, especially Association Representatives (ARs) — also known as building reps or shop stewards — and leaders at local affiliates…. Alinsky’s writings have been called the “mother’s milk of the left”….

Thanks to First Things, here’s a screen shot from the NEA website (Click to Enlarge):

(H/t Fellowship co-founder Steve)

To further convey to you the malignancy of Alinsky and Rules for Radicals, here’s what David Horowitz wrote in his August 16, 2009 essay, Alinsky, Beck, Satan, and Me:

For the Hillary-Soros generation of johnny-come-lately radicals and their ACORN footsoldiers, Alinksy is their Sun-Tzu and his book Rules for Radicals is the field manual for their struggle. I thought while I’m refreshing my acquaintance with this destructive fellow and re-reading his text, I would share my thoughts with you, serially over the next week.
For this first post, let’s just focus on the dedication of the book — to Satan:
“Lest we forget, an over-the-shoulder acknowledgment to the very first radical:” (Pause there for second. Now continue): “from all our legends, mythology, and history(and who is to know where mythology leaves off and history begins — or which is which), the first radical known to man who rebelled against the establishment and did it so effectively that he at least won his own kingdom — Lucifer.”
So Alinsky begins by telling readers what a radical is. He is not a reformer of the system but its would-be destroyer. This is something that in my experience conservatives have a very hard time understanding. Conservatives are altogether too decent, too civilized to match up adequately, at least in the initital stages of the battle, with their adversaries. They are too prone to give them the benefit of the doubt. They assume that radicals can’t really want to destroy a society that is democratic and liberal and has brought wealth and prosperity to so many. Oh yes they can. That is in fact the essence of what it means to be a radical — to be willing to destroy the values, structures and institutions that sustain the society we live in. Marx himself famously cited Alinsky’s first rebel (using another of his names — Mephistopheles): “Everything that exists deserves to perish.”
This is why ACORN activists, for example, have such contempt for the election process, why they are so willing to commit election fraud. Because just as Lucifer didn’t believe in God’s kingdom, so the radicals who run ACORN don’t believe in the democratic system. To them it is itself a fraud — an instrument of the ruling class, or as Alinsky prefers to call it, of the Haves. If the electoral system doesn’t serve all of us, but is only an instrument of the Haves, then election fraud is justified because it is a means of creating a system that serves the Have-Nots — social justice. Until conservatives begin to understand exactly what drives radicals and how dishonest they are — dishonest in the their core — it is going to be very hard to defend the system that is under attack. For radicals the noble end — creating a new heaven on earth — justifies any means. And if one actually believed it was possible to create heaven on earth, would he not willingly destroy any system hitherto created by human beings?
The many names of Satan, by the way, are also a model for radicals who camouflage their agendas by alternatively calling themselves Communists, socialists, new leftists, liberals and most consistently progressives. My parents, who were card-carrying Communists, never referred to themselves as Communists but always as “progressives.” The Progressive Party was run by the Communist Party and split off from the Democrats in 1948 (because Harry Truman opposed Stalin), but rejoined the Democrats in the McGovern campaign of 1972 and with the ascension of Barack Obama has become the Democratic Party.
Alinsky’s tribute to Satan as the first radical, and as the model of radicals to come, should cause us to reflect on how Satan tempted Adam and Eve to destroy their paradise. If you rebel and violate the law that has been laid down for you, “You shall be as gods” the serpent told them. You think Rahm Emmanuel was listening?
Oh, and let’s not forget this — the kingdom that the first radical “won” was hell.


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Dave from Atlanta
Dave from Atlanta

A strong argument for home schooling if I ever heard one. Too bad we cannot take our schools back from the teachers’ unions. Perhaps we should add that to the 2012 agenda.


obviously there should be more accountability over what teachers and the teacher unions are up to if this is a book that influenced obama and others of the democratic party this is something that should be exposed front and center by the lame stream media… and all americans should be aware of such crap being peddled as literature.


to bad jessisca savage is gone (the first prime time female newscaster) she was always into the ratings game, it doesnt seem like any news network or reporter wants to do anything that would rock the boat like if you keep your eyes shut maybe you can kid yourself into believeing that obama might somehow accidently do a good job at something.. (taking multiple vacations) all i know is obama has got to go… all i know is obama has got to go… over and over again and again like a mantra gregorian chant now smack your head hold your… Read more »


JMJ It is absolutely incredible that the greatest nation in the history of man has a union, the NEA, in control of public schools and this greatest nation in the history of man still survives as the nation with the greatest liberty and opportunity for anyone who wants to work hard. Homeschooling is great and really, the only answer to the NEA. November 2 is the first step to get rid of Obama and his thugs, and while that should send a good message to the NEA, nope, they’ll continue trying to do what Obama intended, turn this country into… Read more »


[…] I would dare say that the vast majority of atheists (and liberals) are not interested in the occult, but there is most certainly an active subset that sees the occult as a way to strengthen their personal influence and power.  (It was not by mistake, or on a lark, that Saul Alinsky dedicated his book “Rules For Radicals” to Lucifer). (Link) […]

David Dickey

It isn’t just the teachers union that are to blame for the ruination of our public schools. I place most of the blame on the colleges of education that train the teachers, and on the overpaid superintendents and principals who run the schools. The federal courts who have laid down so many ungodly rulings and demand that they be obeyed are to blame. Groups like Freedom From Religion Foundation and ACLU are engaged in a relentless attack to completely satanize the schools and are doing it. Administration who cow before them are to blame. The dependence on federal money is… Read more »