Teacher tells kids Santa isn't real

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Parents upset after they say teacher told kids there is no Santa

WFTV: A Florida teacher has upset many parents in Pinellas County after they said she told her students there was no Santa Claus.

“He was in tears.  He was very distraught,” said parent Kevin Durbin.Durbin was describing his fourth-grade son, and how the 10-year-old felt when he came home from Starkey Elementary School Monday.
Durbin said for his family, like many other families with young children, Christmas is a special time of year; with the man in the red suit taking center stage. Durbin said his son, along with others in the class, became upset when their music teacher began to talk negatively about Santa.
He told me that she went, ‘Santa’ (makes throat-cutting gesture). And, he said it led him to believe that there wasn’t a Santa Claus,” Durbin described.
Durbin, who also has a second-grade daughter at Starkey Elementary School, said he went to the school to voice his concerns Tuesday morning. A representative for the Pinellas County School District, Melanie Marquez, said the principal at Starkey was aware of the situation and was acting accordingly.
“It’s kind of disheartening.  It’s not really the teacher’s objective to teach them about Santa Claus or anything of the sort.  That’s up to the parents,” said parent Angela Pouliot.
Durbin said he wants to keep the Christmas spirit alive and well in his home, and he hopes that his kids will continue to anticipate Santa with the same exuberance they always have.
So much for teaching the three “Rs”. What do you bet that the teacher’s union will support the teacher for what she did?  After all, it’s for the children.
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0 responses to “Teacher tells kids Santa isn't real

  1. “she went, ‘Santa’ (makes throat-cutting gesture).”
    That so-called teacher is not just cruel, she’s downright sadistic.

    • Get her back, tell her the New Socialist Man and the “workers’ paradise” under Socialism are just lies to get her money just jike her teachers’ union tells her.

  2. I agree what the kids believe is the parents’ business, but what kind of TEN-year-old still believes in Santa Claus?! Grow the %$@# up!!!! (My siblings and I never believed in Santa Claus, by the way.)

    • Homeschool Mama

      I was thinking that, too. A kid in told me at lunch the first day of kindergarten that Santa wasn’t real. I just went home and matter of factly informed my mother that I was on to her ;). It truly did not devastate me!

      • I don’t understand why each of our comments got three thumbs down, it’s the truth that 10 years olds are either close to puberty or have started it already, so why would they still believe in Santa?!?! At that age you’re very rational. Before age 10, like by age 7 or 8, I knew that it didn’t make any sense that a baby would spontaneously start growing inside the mother with the father’s physical characteristics without the father contributing something, so I started being somewhat aware of sex.

  3. Homeschool Mama

    Perhaps she was just telling the kids to knock off the Santa conversations so that she could continue with her lesson? I agree that she could have been clearer to a class of nine-year-old concrete thinkers.

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  5. My granddaughter is in third grade and still believes. She is a smart cookie and is analyzing the situation but in our family we do want to perpetuate the magic for as long as possible. At the very least the teacher is unprofessional and should be reprimanded. This was a class of fourth graders but we don’t have information on what and how he denigrates Santa with the younger ones.

  6. That teacher… for some reason, reminds me of the one in this scene from James Clavell’s “The Children’s Story”:

  7. It’s lying anyway. Why would parents lie to their children to begin with? This can cause trust issues! I have never lied about santa to my kids

    • You may call it lying, some parents may call it parenting. Who knows their own children best but their own parents? Who decides what traditions a family keeps in their homes? A teacher or the parents? Since when is it a teacher’s right to teach them anything else but the three R’s?
      Trust issues? Please. I don’t know one person that doesn’t trust their parents due to their belief in Santa Claus. Hyperbole much?

      • Pretty poor parenting position that furthers fairy tales.

        • Your opinion for your children. Other parents may have their own opinion on how to raise their own children. Gubermint educasion is a cancer.

          • Indeed, but if it involves a carefully crafted and ongoing deception for the amusement of adults, I think it isn’t a good thing. YMMV.

            • Define deception and compare that to traditions. But of course you know best for the kids. Let them be taught by the teachers and government goons. Parents suck, unions know best. Sux to be wrong when it comes to parenting your own kids. Go play at DailyKooks…

    • You can enjoy the spirit of Santa without bold faced lying. My aunt and her husband never said one way or the other about Santa, so when my cousin heard about it from other people he asked, “Mama is there a Santa Claus?” She told him, “Well we pretend there’s a Santa Claus!” I used to work with somebody who said they promoted the spirit of Santa with her son, but didn’t point blank say he was real and brought the presents.

  8. Of course there is no Santa Claus.
    He has been replaced with Obama Claus.
    And what is it with Pinellas County, Fla., as it appears to be turning into kook central?

  9. Tell the kids, “If you don’t believe in Santa, you get UNDERWARE!

  10. Reprimand, no FIRE the unethical B _ _ _ H! Santa is an institution in this country and nobody has the right to slander that institution nor dash the dreams of a child. Real life will come soon enough for them. This makes me wonder what else this person may be putting out there for childrens consumption………fire her. With this one act she has proven to be untrustworthy to be in possession of young and impressionable minds!

  11. Santa is a cultural institution. Apart from the fun, it teaches kids to ferret out the truth, nod in the “aha” moment and then to step back with the big kids, carrying on the institution. It teaches, it’s a rare cultural “bar mitzvah” in this culture that has way too few rites of passage for its youth. If left to its own devices, it’s fun, although it hurts a little bit to learn the secret and have to give up that youthful jubilance and innocence. Some kids, most, I’d say, try to hold off one more year after discovery to test the water on the deep side. Growing through this, they find being more of a grown up to their liking and they move on. Having a full, “trusted” adult step in and sadistically destroy this process is an act of betryal. Being in a position of authority over children, one has an obligation not to shred these cultural devices. Experiment on your own kids.


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