Teacher refused to grade report on guns

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FOX (Dallas-Fort Worth): A Denton teacher allegedly refused to grade two student reports because they were about guns. Now one mother is demanded answers and an apology.
Marshall Williams said he and his classmates were told by Mr. Dewey Christian  at Denton High School  to write a report on anything that they were interested in using different types of sentence structures.  He chose to write about the Fort Worth gun show.

Mr. Dewey Christian

Mr. Dewey Christian

But then he said his English teacher told him he would get a zero on the assignment because of the topic. Williams’ mom confronted the teacher. She asked him if he had outlined any criteria for the topic.
“So because it had guns in it you refused to grade it?” Kimberly Williams asked. “Not just guns, but you see we’ve had a certain amount of violence and things in schools…” Christian replied. “I’m not asking you about that. I’m asking you about the subject matter of his paper and why you took issue with it,” the mother said. “The problem was not the subject matter…” the teacher said. “You just told me it was the subject matter,” the mother said. The family demanded an apology.
The Denton Independent School District said in a statement, “The teacher has accepted the paper and apologized to the student for misperceptions. The teacher’s intent was for guns not to be trivialized in any school situation because of recent events.”
“I don’t feel like I’ve gotten an apology yet. I feel like he has just stomped on our right to free speech. He told us we would not be allowed to  express ourselves and didn’t even consider what we had said.  He didn’t have a clue of the content of my paper before he told me… he just knew that my paper was about guns before he told me that I would be getting a zero on the assignment,” Marshall Williams said.
His mother called it blatant censorship based on personal moral beliefs. “If it went against any district policy I would support it completely, but it doesn’t. It’s just his own moral beliefs trying to be put in his classroom and I  disagree with that,” Kimberly Williams said.
Her son said he wrote about going to the gun show because it was something he  enjoyed, the paper didn’t mention anything political about guns or even shooting  guns.
Dan Ford, Principal, DHS

Dan Ford, Principal, DHS

Denton High School, 1007 Fulton, Denton, TX 76201. P: 940-369-2000
Reason ∞ to home school.

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0 responses to “Teacher refused to grade report on guns

  1. This is insane! The Left’s gunphobia and demonization of guns have reached a ludicrous point.

  2. And the other 24 kids got an A+ because they went to Planned parenthood and Participated in a real live murder..
    The pot is almost to the boiling point. Can’t you just feel it. Something is going to give…real soon.

  3. Good! Hold these jerk’s feet to the fire. Especially when they try to trample over the Bill of Rights!

    • Bill of Rights doesen’t stop at the schoolhouse door therefore we can trample on it inside school if we don’t like it– left/liberal logical (all feelings) at it’s finest.

  4. I like how ignornat leftist teachers can discriminate, lie out about with a straight face and not realize they look like dipsticks– truth is what the party… er, union… decides it is, comrade!

  5. Just another fine example of gov’t indoctrination centers doing their best to repress contrary thought . ” IF YOU DON’T STAY WITH THE PLAN , YOU WILL BE OSTRACIZED ” ……
    They are not in the business promote free-thinkers , just dumbed-down morons who vote for anybody who looks cool .

  6. I believe that teacher should resign or get fired from that school. He is putting his school at a title now which could make the principle and others whom work at that school sadly frowned upon if they agree with his actions.

  7. Yes, todays young people have no idea of what is in store for them. Kind of like the frog in a pan of cold water . . . then the burner gets turned on. At first that water feels kinds of good, just nice and warm. At what point along the way to the “water boiling” does the frog perceive his own peril?

  8. A competent teacher would have given guidelines when asking students to write a paper……and those guidelines would not include personal beliefs and biases. Denton is a small town and probably has a hard time attracting quality teachers. I spent a summer in the area 35 years ago….nice people there, but what an arm pit of a place to live.

  9. Yup, the liberal rats are starting to affect even us in Texas. Wer I the mother of the student, I would make a fuss at the teacher,the Principal, and the school board until I am satisfied that no teacher will ever be allowed to take personal opinion and affect any student’s grade. How dare this sh”” for brains do what he did? He’s NO teacher.


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