Teacher gets 10-day paid suspension for bullying 6 y.o.

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bully teacherSee the burly woman in the pic above?

She looks to be about 200 lbs and 5 times the size of the little boy whom she’s yanked up from the floor by his shirt.

Her name is Barb Williams, and she’s a kindergartner teacher at Riverdale Schools in Hancock County, Ohio.

The little boy is 6-year-old Ian Nelson.

Surveillance video provided by little Ian’s parents, Anthony and Autumn Nelson, shows the boy walking down the hallway to the school bathroom. When he comes out of the bathroom, Williams confronts the boy, picks him up against the wall. Then, with both hands she grabs the boy by the face, then by his shirt and lifts him off the floor, with Ian’s head flopping back.

On May 13, 2014, a week after the incident, bully woman was suspended for 10 days, with pay.

Ian’s parents are furious.

Anthony Nelson said, “I would consider what would happen to myself, if I were to do that to her. If I were to do that to her, I would go to jail.”

The Nelsons say that ten day suspension is like an early vacation for the teacher, since there are only ten days left in the school year. They say they want her to be terminated from Riverdale Schools. The Nelsons plan to take the video to the Hancock County Sheriff’s Office to try to file criminal charges against Williams.

The Nelsons would not have known about this if there was no surveillance camera. Imagine what Barb Williams do to her students away from the camera’s eye . . . .

Simply put, Williams has no business being a school teacher.

Thanks to Darla Dawald of Patriot Action Network, here’s contact info for you to register your protest:

Superintendent of Riverdale Schools: Eric Hoffman
Email: ehoffman@riverdale.k12.oh.us
Phone: 419-694-4994 ext. 1801

Riverdale Elementary School Principal: Julie Spade
Email: jspade@riverdale.k12.oh.us


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0 responses to “Teacher gets 10-day paid suspension for bullying 6 y.o.

  1. I’m sure the union contract protected her from being fired.

  2. This bozo would never have gotten off so lightly if the little boy was an unruly black child. In fact, Al Sharpton would have traveled to Ohio to start a protest, sue the school and have the teacher charged with a hate crime and attempted murder.

    • For what the heck did she take him back into the bathroom? Not only is she abusive but she’s got no reason to do that either.

  3. This female clearly has issues. They should file child abuse charges against her…blood boiling.

  4. School unions are obviously a safe place for evil people!

  5. I work in my kids’ public school as a volunteer teacher–I am a stay at home mom (I left my corporate job) . I have seen enough of teachers bullying students that I am taking my kids out of public schools. They are Union Divas! Any interruption or bother in their day and they take it out on the kids–they are supposed to just skate within their job description every day. I literally make sure everyday that when a teacher is mean to a student, I go behind and help that kid feel better. Not what I expected to be doing when volunteering my time, but at least I know what goes on. I know most teachers are not this way, but this is an example-and I live in one of the nation’s best school districts.

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  7. I have to ask: What “infraction” did this youngster supposedly do, that would have prompted that teacher (I use the term lightly), to behave in this manner with and to the child??? I cannot think of anything that a 6 year old could possibly do to enrage a teacher to this point. But, I am curious to know what happened to cause this.

  8. Thank you Dr. Eowyn for this interesting post. I, too, am curious what motivated this woman to behave so cruelly toward this child. Nevertheless, thank God for the surveillance video!

  9. They say they want to RID the school of BULLYING.. then they ALLOW THIS CRAP!?!!

    Here’s the teacher’s email, send her an email.. tell her what you think:


    Also, here’s the Superintendant Eric Hoffman’s email:


    Take a sec and write them..

  10. Leeann Springer

    She should be arrested and brought up on charges of assault and battery upon a minor. Charges of child abuse, should put her in the pokey for a while. People like her need to be dropped kicked several times. Leeann

  11. Kinda reminds me of my elementary school years . I caught quite a few beatings from some lovely Nun’s. Yikes!! LOL

  12. good one…what’s done in the dark shall come to light..or be posted on facebook


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