Teacher Gang Raped By 9 Iraqi Immigrants in Vienna Attack

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From Express UK: Prosecutors charge the Iraqi men with “abuse of a defenceless person and rape in a very humiliating and agonising way for the victim”.
At the opening of the trial yesterday the court heard how the woman identified as Sabine K. was “blind drunk” when she went with the men to an apartment. Most of them deny the charges but DNA proved that sperm from six of them was found in or on her body.
The court heard how the victim arrived in Vienna on December 28, 2015 to spend the New Year with a female friend in the city. Shortly before midnight on December 31 they wandered into the city centre to join milling crowds celebrating the arrival of 2016 and at 2.00am were seen drinking in a bar-restaurant called Cactus.
Shortly before 3.00am the friend of Sabine noticed she was no longer there and was told by another patron that the men she had been talking with had “taken her away.”
The defendants, aged between 22 and 45, all arrived in Austria between May and December 2015 via the Balkan route. At the time of the attack, five of them had cemented their right to stay, the applications of the other four were still pending.
Judge Petra Poschalko heard how the woman was taken by four of them to an apartment in Vienna’s Rustenschacher Allee where five other men were waiting. Sabine later said she found herself naked on a double bed being assaulted by the men one after the other. Evidence was heard that said she was assaulted in the dark so she could not identify the men, according to her lawyer Karina Fehringer.
After the attacks, which went on for several hours, the victim needed in-patient treatment at a trauma clinic and now is under psychiatric care for post traumatic stress disorder. She had another breakdown at the weekend and was too fragile to be in court to face her attackers.
Only one man, Mohamed Al-A., 31, admitted his role in the rapes and he sobbed in court and said he was “really drunk” on vodka at the time. And he further admitted: “This act is a crime in Iraq.”
He was with co-defendants Nazar Al-J., Mohammed Al-T. and Alaa Al-J. in the Cactus bar who took the victim back to the apartment. The other defendants – Hader Al-A., Mustafa Al-J., Nael Al-J., Marwan Al-J. und Sabah Al-J. – lay in wait for her there. Medical experts testified she was raped multiple times and sodomised.
The victim said she yelled at them, in German: “No, I don’t want this.” Then in English: “Listen to me, just a little bit.” Her attackers conversed only in Arabic.
Alaa Al-J. was said to be the rape ringleader. After it was over Mohammed Al-. escorted her to a toilet in the flat where he took a selfie with her on his mobile phone. Later he and Alaa Al-J. escorted her to a nearby tram stop where they tried to stem her sobbing by saying in English: “Don’t cry.”
After she went to police a tracking app on her mobile phone led officers to the rape scene. The app showed that her ordeal lasted from 4:20am to 6:20am on January 1 2016.
The court heard that with the exception of the man who confessed, none of the others feel guilty. Several denied rape in the face of the DNA evidence. One man claimed that the woman had been “offered” to them by relatives: another that she was a willing participant in whatever took place.
Judge Poaschalko seemed visibly angered at the shifts in their stories throught Tuesday’s hearing. The court resumes again on Thursday and sentencing will be handed down on March 6. She has warned them they face up to 15 years each in jail.

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0 responses to “Teacher Gang Raped By 9 Iraqi Immigrants in Vienna Attack

  1. But Angela Merkel and Pope Francis both say there is no such thing as Muslim terrorism! /sarc

  2. Why does ANY country want these pigs?

  3. reliablepolitics

    I’m seriously disgusted by the comment of @Hollowpoint. Every race and religion rapes, did you know immigrants have a lower level of crime in America compared to non-immigrants? I don’t see anyone reporting on a white rape by white people as a reason not to allow white people to go places. Should we ban white people because Dylan Roof committed an act of terror against African-Americans? I think not.

    • The difference is that Islam permits rape. For others, it is considered a crime.
      “…did you know immigrants have a lower level of crime in America compared to non-immigrants?” Mayor Bronin is that you again with your talking points? You never did cite your source on Tucker last night for that claim. Besides, I thought #weareallimmigrants…

      • We are all immigrants, personally I would be happier if religion was taken out of the equation because to me it complicates everything

        • Islam is NOT A RELIGION, It is a way of life, a rule of law, the means to and end, WITH A RELIGIOUS element. To muslims, if you are not a muslim they have every right to kill you. Some muslims won’t admit it, but in islam it’s ok to lie as long as you are doing allah’s work.
          No other religion requires you to kill non-believers. They have no compunction against treating non-muslims any way the want or see fit. The only peaceful ones are the ones resting-in-peace.

          • You seem to feel no shame in generalizing the beliefs of an entire religion that has over one billion people. Are you really telling me that one billion+ people all share the exact same beliefs? Are you telling me that Muslims, unlike all other religions, don’t have people on both sides of the spectrum that interpret the book of their religion differently? Do you think that Christians haven’t committed heinous crimes? What about the Crusades, the Inquisition, slavery in America, the Holocaust, I’m sure I could go on. People in America have this misguided belief that Christians are the one wholesome religion, and then there’s everyone else. What religion was the K.K.K.? Was Hitler Muslim? Tell me.

      • DCG . . . Of all the many factors to be considered before accepting immigrants into our country . . . . they should have some skill that is needed, some craft, some employment that would be an addition to our society. That being said, we see huge areas of immigrants where they are immediately added to our welfare rolls. What good are these people when they only drain our coffers, and continue to bred more people who are a drain on our country. This scenario is true in Western European countries also–they have burgeoning numbers of people who need to be added to the “welfare rolls.”
        You may assume that since I wrote the above statement that I do not place primary importance on the rape that occurred . . . that assumption would be incorrect. All of the governments should be aware of the proclivities of Muslim men being rapists, because under there standard of civility–it’s just “A Okay” to rape and pillage infidels! Now that being said these governments, including the USA are guilty of unleashing a menace upon their populations. It is hardly different than releasing a plague of any other sort.
        Unfortunately, ALL WOMEN who previously thought they were safe when going to bars, or parties MUST OF NECESSITY, REFRAIN FROM DRINKING TO THE EXTENT THAT THEY BECOME DRUNK. Every woman must guard her own safety. If the women want to, or need to drink to the point where they are intoxicated . . . then they need to do it in the safety of their own homes, around people that they are sure do not pose a possible threat.
        As far as I am concerned, every one of these jokers deserves to receive a penectomy (as in we cut your junk off.) If you are going to use it as a weapon, they you don’t need it, and you need to be disarmed. To those men who have winced at the very thought of this kind of surgery; let me assure you men can live without their penis. When my Mother worked at St Vincent Hospital, as she recounted to me, “I looked at the surgery board and a man’s surgery was listed as a “penectomy. I wasn’t sure if that really meant what I thought it meant, so I asked the head nurse, and she confirmed that it was indeed the surgical removal of the penis.” This was back in the latter 1960’s, so I doubt that they were doing this at risk of his death. Evidently, it may alter the way men do things, but it does not pose a risk to their lives.
        ALL of these men and their families need to be returned to the country of origin, no matter if we send them into areas of intense gun fire. When you break the laws of your host country . . . then you need to be sent away where you will do no further harm to the original inhabitants of a country.
        Although, we see that four of these men had been given permanent asylum. This decree needs to be immediately rescinded. There is little purpose in incarcerating these men . . . if you “disarm them” and remove them from your country, that should serve as penalty enough. Can you imagine the emotional turmoil of men who had previously looked forward to entertaining their 72 special virgins. They won’t be doing much entertaining if they “arrive in Heaven in that condition.”
        My heart goes out to this young woman . . . she will be forever scarred by this horrific act. There is no amount of counseling that can take away the horror of the acts that these men committed. This tragedy will remain with her 24/7. It will effect the way she interacts with men now and in the future. It is only fitting that each of these men go away from this experience with a penectomy . . . it will be a forever reminder of what they did . . . just as she will always remember.

    • I am, too, am seriously disgusted. Hollowpoint has insulted pigs!! Pigs are adorable little animals that make delicious pork when they are all grown up. What has any pig anywhere, ever, done to deserve being disparaged in such a disrespectful way as to be called, what amounts to, the same as a muslime! Muslimes are NOT pigs!! Barbarians, maybe. Or sadistic boors. Vulgarian bipeds. But not pigs…

    • LOL-Oh,you’re SERIOUS??

  4. With the exception of one confession, none of savages have shown remorse. Because the Qur’an teaches that Infidel women can be lawfully taken for sexual use (cf. its allowance for a man to take “captives of the right hand,” 4:3, 4:24, 23:1-6, 33:50, 70:30). The Qur’an says: “O Prophet, tell your wives and your daughters and the women of the believers to bring down over themselves of their outer garments. That is more suitable that they will be known and not be abused. And ever is Allah Forgiving and Merciful.” (33:59) The implication there is that if women do not cover themselves adequately with their outer garments, they may be abused, and that such abuse would be justified. (source Robert Spencer)
    Related link –

  5. The defendants, all members of the same family, have been charged with “abuse of a defenceless person and rape in a very humiliating and agonising way for the victim.” All were recent arrivals to Austria, having traveled to the country via the Balkan route between May and December 2015.
    Sources –
    Family of Nine Asylum Seekers Accused of Gang-Rape Attack
    Family of Iraqi asylum seekers ‘gang raped drunk woman’

  6. I feel very sad for this young woman whose life has been irrevocably changed. But her friend was not able to ensure her security when she was visibly intoxicated on a night which allows personal defenses to be lowered. These men were looking for vulnerable targets and KNEW that the holiday festivities would increase their chances of success. Unfortunately, this sort of story happens around the world and should not be targeted at muslim men only, but the cultural differences cannot be swept under the rug. European multiculturalism has created a social riptide which leaves too many female residents exposed to being swept out to sea. These pigs should go to jail for a long, long time.

  7. According to Austrian media, the men, who will learn whether they have been convicted on March 2, will be allowed to stay in the country even if they are found guilty.
    Austria will not deport them back to their home country because the death penalty was reintroduced in Iraq in 2004.
    Austrian authorities generally oppose any such extradition to countries with capital punishment.
    Austrian extradition law reads: ‘Extradition for prosecution of an offence subject to capital punishment under the laws of the requesting country is permissible only if it can be guaranteed that the death penalty will not be imposed.’
    Source –
    Nine Iraqi asylum seekers charged with gang-raping a teacher in Austria will NOT be deported if found guilty in case they are executed in their home country

    • Europeans starting to become fed up with such wussiness:

    • CP . . . thank you for this additional information. I am disheartened to learn that Austria is such a weak willed country. In this case, I would not be in the least degree opposed to some good old fashioned vigilante justice. If the government is so lame that they cannot, or will not protect their citizens, then it should be acceptable for someone to step up and do their job.

  8. “Immigrants have a lower level of crime in America than non- immigrants.” What an ignorant thing to say. The fact is these third world mongrels commit crimes at a far higher rate than natural citizens.
    Much of the crime they commit is focused on their fellow immigrants and never reported, just like in their filthy homelands. They commit welfare fraud and other financial crimes that go completely unreported by the corrupt media as they can NEVER go against the globalist divide and concour technique known as multiculturalism.
    Furthermore, if they are here illegally, they committed their first crime by just entering this nation without permission. Fake social security number? Crime!!! Fake I.D. ? Crime!!! DUI’ s in numbers we have never seen before.
    Lastly, ask A Texan about “immigrant” crime. Especially the Texas AG, who by the way recently said immigrants in his state committed over 600,000 crimes in the last 7 years. This of course only represents the crimes officials know about. Law abiding immigrants my ass…

  9. Update –
    Eight Iraqi Asylum Seekers Found Guilty of Gang Raping Teacher, 28, in Austria
    From the article…
    Eight Iraqi asylum seekers living in Austria have been found guilty of the gang rape of a 28-year-old woman in Vienna and jailed for between nine and 13 years each.
    As Heat Street has previously reported, the men – who are all related and aged between 22 and 45 – were on trial for the gruesome attack on the teacher, a tourist from Germany, which took place in the early hours of New Year’s Day 2016.
    Austrian prosecutors had originally charged nine men with “abuse of a defenceless person and rape in a very humiliating and agonising way for the victim.” However, this morning charges against one of the men were dismissed.
    Related link –
    Teacher, 28, ‘Gang Raped By 9 Iraqi Immigrants In Vienna Attack’


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