Teacher bullies student over Romney/Ryan t-shirt

The teacher’s name is Lynette Gamon. Go here for a follow-up on this story.

Charles Carroll High teacher compares Mitt Romney, Paul Ryan t-shirt to KKK

KSDK.com: A Philadelphia high school student says she was humiliated after her teacher told her to lose her Mitt Romney T-shirt, comparing it to “wearing a KKK shirt”.

Samantha Pawlucy, a 16-year-old sophomore at Charles Carroll High School, says she wore a pink Mitt Romney/Paul Ryan T-shirt last Friday during the school’s dress down day. No one made an issue of Samantha’s political T-shirt until she got to geometry class.

The teacher told me to get out of the classroom, I said no,” Samantha said. “She told me to take off my shirt and said that she has another one if I need one. And then the teacher asked me ‘Are your parents Republican?’ I said, ‘I don’t know.’ She said that’s like her wearing a KKK shirt.

Samantha was so embarrassed by the public criticism in front of her classmates that she told her parents she didn’t want to return to school. “I didn’t know what to think, I didn’t think it was right at all,” she said.

They requested a meeting with the principal and the teacher. The teacher apologized to Samantha and her parents saying that the statement was meant as a joke. “It was funny to her but I was really embarrassed,” Samantha said.

“If it was a joke between two adults, I can take a joke like that but Sam didn’t know how to take it, she doesn’t understand, she actually thinks she did something wrong,” father Richard Pawlucy said.

“I can just picture her sitting there feeling ashamed for just wearing a T-shirt,” said her mother Christine Pawlucy. “That someone could spin that and throw it back on a 16-year-old child and make her feel so terrible.”

A spokesperson for the Philadelphia School District said the teacher was transferred to another classroom as the district investigates the incident.

A “joke”, right. According to The Examiner:

The teacher allegedly told the girl that the high school was a “Democratic school”. Pawlucy’s daughter hid in the bathroom until the teacher left, but then other students began mocking her. “Her classmates were telling her –‘how can you do this to our teacher?’” Pawlucy said. “Why don’t you like Obama? We all like Obama – why don’t you like Obama?

Bullies, including the teacher. From the school’s website:

Charles Carroll High School is a progressive urban center for education…Charles Carroll High School strives to graduate students who will be responsible, productive, active members of society by:

  • fostering a respect for education
  • mentoring and counseling them regarding their self-worth and future goals
  • promoting opportunities to develop the social, emotional, and educational aspects of student life

Want to let the school know what you think of the way this teacher acted?  Contact them:

Principal: Joyce A. Hoog
Phone: 215.291.4707

H/t FOTM’s christy and moxielouise


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Caroline Niven-Roy
7 years ago

That teacher should be sent home fired…

Homeschool Mama
Homeschool Mama
7 years ago


Dr. Eowyn
Dr. Eowyn
7 years ago

RAAACIST and RAAACISM are the only weapons the Left have. It’s getting really really tiresome and the day will soon come when those words will lose all credibility and power.

7 years ago
Reply to  Dr. Eowyn

I completely agree that alleging “racism” is all they have, since their record is so miserably awful. Good for Samantha! Idiots! Also, have you ever noticed that when many people do something wrong or inappropriate, they immediately resort to the cowardly defense, “Oh, it was just a joke.” What a coward!

7 years ago

“Charles Carroll High School is a progressive urban center for education”

i think the “operative” word here is “progressive”.