Tax Day Protests

Bird’s eye view of Boston TEA Party Tax Protest yesterday.


Tom in NC went to a TEA Party protest rally in Raleigh, NC, today (April 15th). He writes:

As usual the TEA Party protestors were civil, united and very friendly. There was a small group (maybe 30 IF they were lucky) of counter-protestors across the street in the 3rd picture. We actually had an infiltrator, seen in the last picture, the joker in a mask holding a sign with a black power fist on it. The gentleman to his right holding the flag pole along with myself and another man held his flag up in front the joker until Capital Police escorted him away. I couldn’t resist helping to thwart this insignifant piss ant.
Here are the pics Tom took:

DCG took these pics at a TEA Party rally in Bellevue, Washington, today:

Government ball and chain

Little patriots

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Luigi Vuoto
Luigi Vuoto

I thought April 15 was supposed to be the Super Bowl of Tea Party protests. I haven’t seen one that was bigger than a few thousand people, yet the media covers it like it’s a million.
Could it be that the tea parties aren’t as prevalent or widely-supported as you make out?


Tea Party day today in Bellevue WA had a good turnout considering its small venue. About 250 of us and two news channels were there. Met several candidates running against my lame D congresscritter…good time!


Wow, lot’s of folks in NC!
No human is illegal? Um, have they no respect for the law? Wonder if THEY will move to another country illegally…