Tea Party Express V: The Ex-Russian, Palin and The Black Patriots

Gotta admit Lloyd Marcus is one  smart guy.  This is about the TEA party express 5 and their travels.

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Posted by Lloyd Marcus on September 4, 2011 at 1:46pm
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The highlight of every Tea Party Express tour is the extraordinary American patriots I meet. Felix is from Russia and became a proud American 16 years ago.
I shared with Felix that for years I performed my original song, “Celebrate America”, at U.S. Immigration Citizenship Ceremonies. I was struck by the number of seniors tearfully taking the oath of citizenship; some so old they were in wheelchairs and some needing support by family members to stand. Why was it important for these seniors to become official U.S. citizens despite their ages?
Felix, formerly a Russian, replied, “When you have lived under tyranny you understand the precious gift of freedom. Freedom is so wonderful you are always fearful of it being taken away. This is why it means so much to become an American. No one can take away your freedom”.
Tea Party Express rolled into Rochester, NY at 1am. C-SPAN was rebroadcasting Sarah Palin‘s speech at a tea party rally. The crowd was huge. Palin’s speech was interrupted numerous times by the crowd chanting, “Run Sarah run! Run Sarah run!”
With no holds barred, Palin boldly attacked Obama’s horrific record and agenda, the hypocrisy of the “lame-stream-media” and she apologetically proclaimed America to be a nation under God. For someone whom everyone says could never win, the common sense all American appeal of her message and patriot’s response to it is extraordinary.
Palin is making the media and people on both sides of the aisle crazy and furious at her; will she or will she not run? And yet, everyone is on the edge of their seats in anticipation. The woman is a marketing genius.
In Milford, MI, I had the pleasure of fellowshipping, discussing strategics and praying with three fellow black tea party activists. Please check out www.theronedwards.com and www.joshuastrail.org. I shared my passion to take the tea party message to the black community; colleges and etc.
Some blacks are so infected with years of liberal entitlement indoctrination and their own racism, they will never accept the truth. We can only keep them in our prayers. But, there will be blacks who once they hear it articulated that conservatism is best for all people, they will see the light.
I pray for assistance in planning and funding a tea party tour to black America.
Lloyd Marcus, Proud Unhyphenated American
Co-Chairman of The Campaign to Defeat Barack Obama.

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thanks Steve,excellent. I watched Sarah Palin twice yesterday on C-Span. Very good talk she gave,she let both sides have it. The left and the right are scared to death of her. The R’s and D’s are both involved in the illegal aliens conspiracy,that has been proven time and time again. You will not see much coverage on Sarah as the threat she poses is huge. Here is my gut feeling. IF Sarah Palin runs,she will send a Patriotic Wave across this Country like you have never seen,IF she runs-I feel she can take it.

Clifton Lee West

Sarah Palin is doing right now what Barack Obama swore he would do and hasn’t, she is unifying the nation and making it honorable to read our Constitution again, and again, and be proud to be Americans who will take a back seat to no one. We are so used to politicians being narcissists that many won’t accept someone who actually puts our nation before herself. Maybe, just maybe, if we spent a little more time believing in someone for a change instead of thinking everyone is evil who isn’t a Liberal/Progressive as the Left would have you think, very… Read more »


I know Steve,I put myself in her shoes,it would be a big “If” so much to weigh,family would be hard with the decision. The GOP and Karl Rove which I refer to as “thee establishment” or the “Good Ole Boys” will not get behind her,she threatens their corrupt network. The msm will stop at nothing to bury her. She has more common sense than everyone in D.C. put together. She does not hesitate to put God and Country first,she knows there won’t be much left for our children and grandchildren if things aren’t straightened out. We have no margin for… Read more »


Sarah Palin is a lightweight patriot and media whore. She does stir up feelings in people, both good and bad. Her lack of sophistication and knowledge could be worked around with the right cabinet selections and running mate for Vice President. Ronald Reagan had his kitchen cabinet and Barry Goldwater as advisers. Who of substance is behind Sarah Palin?


I wanted to add more from a Feb 2010 TPMMuckraker article…
Fred Malek (a Nixon aide); Robert Barnett (Washington Power Broker); and Mary Matalin (GOP Political Strategist) are part of Palin’s support team.
Furthermore, Barnett negotiated Sarah Palin’s book deal and advises her on business & media matters.