TEA Partiers Root Out Infiltrators

Demonrats said they would crash TEA Party tax protest rallies on April 15th, and indeed, they did. But TEA Partiers were ready! Some even came prepared with signs pointing to infiltrators and troublemakers. The Left’s Alinksy tactics failed miserably.

Left: 0

Patriots: 100 

In St. Louis, local patriots drove this racist infiltrator with Nazi symbols on his shirt from the rally:

The sign pointing down at the white supremist plant was from the Big Government tool kit. It came in handy. The infiltrator scurried off after he was confronted by several patriots including local blogger Adam Sharp who got up in his face. “Just know that you’re not going to come here and pretend that you’re with us.” Adam told the plant. Adam was fearless. The hater left shortly after the confrontation.
Adam’s parting words… “GO HOME NAZI.”

Click on Photo for the Video–

After Adam Sharp asked the infiltrator to leave he said, “I’m from the knights of the Ku Klux Klan we are a white…” This leftist plant then told Adam Sharp, “I’m proud to be a racist… I’m not a Nazi. I’m a proud racist. I’m white.”
Sure you are. He didn’t even play the part well. You’d think they’d provide better training at their pre-tea party planning meetings.
If anyone can help identify this leftist please email me here.
And, in Greensboro, North Carolina local police put the kibosh on a disguised tea party protester. The News-Record reported:

The Tax Day Tea Party in downtown Greensboro ran smoothly Thursday. Everyone sang the patriotic staple “God Bless the U.S.A.,” kids got their faces painted and the parched drank their Liber-Tea.
Well, there was one tiny glitch.
A man dressed in all black and a hood or mask came to the side of the stage by the old county courthouse while a person spoke and held up a sign reading, “Prosperity = White Supremacy.”
The crowd didn’t fancy the man’s sign and cast a round of boos in his direction. Pretty soon, three Greensboro police officers escorted the man away from the protest.

In Oceanside, the tea party patriots drove out another leftist infiltrator from their event too. They followed this creep around until he fled.

Even at the rally in San Francisco, the patriots had pink arrows to point at the few leftists who infiltrated their protest today. The City Square sends this photo of the San Fran infiltrators:

The City Square has more great photos from their rally.
Michelle Malkin has more reports of failed infiltrators being driven away by the patriots.
Here’s another lefty infiltrator being led away in Denver.

And Still I Persist blog sent this from the Denver rally.
Here’s another disgusting leftist infiltrator outed at a Texas rally yesterday:

Via Big Government and the Central Texas 9-12 Project.

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They did an excellent job. No Tea partiers were arrested but several lib nuts were. Excellent!
And to think we owe it all to the nut from crashtheteaparty.org for outing themselves. If their intent was kept on the down low I think bad things could have happened.
Thanks crazy libs just like your prez your arrogance got the better of you and just like your prez you turned out to be an epic failure.