TDS: Libtards mock President Trump for serving fast food at WH yet Obama was praised for eating fast food

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Another fine example of liberals’ hypocrisy on display. Nothing, absolutely NOTHING President Trump does will ever be good enough for them.

I only wish President Trump had served some Chick-fil-A. THAT would have really made libtards’ heads explode!

From Hollywood Reporter: The president hosted NCAA National Champion Clemson University’s football team at the White House earlier that day. The event’s menu consisted of what Trump called “great American food.” Boxes of McDonald’s Quarter Pounders, Big Macs and Filet-O-Fish sandwiches, Chicken McNuggets, Domino’s pizza, french fries and Wendy’s wraps were served to the football players.

Due to the partial government shutdown, much of the White House residential staff has been furloughed, so the president personally paid for the fast food served, the White House explained about the unusual menu for the evening.

“I had a choice. Do we have no food for you, because we have a shutdown?” Trump told the team, according to the Associated Press. “Or do we give you some little quick salads that the first lady will make, along with, along with the second lady. They’ll make some salads. And I said, ‘You guys aren’t into salads.'”

On Late Night, host Seth Meyers joked that the athletes were mostly excited to visit the famous house because of one of its former residents. “The players couldn’t wait to get back home to tell their families they got to go into the house Barack Obama used to live in,” said Meyers. ‘”Was that his bedroom?'”

The host later dug into the topic in his “A Closer Look” segment.

A clip of Trump talking to the press about his plans for the night followed. “I think we’re going to serve McDonald’s, Wendy’s and Burger Kings with some pizza,” he told reporters. “I would think that’s their favorite food.”
“No, dude. I think that’s your favorite food,” responded Meyers. “He thinks he’s being so sly. ‘Normally, I would have a salad for dinner on Monday, but they told me they only eat every fast food.'”

Meyers then asked why Trump referred to the chain restaurant Burger King in the plural tense. “Does he think there’s more than one? ‘We will be having all of the Burger Kings over to the White House for a summit on trade.'” The joke was followed by an image of Trump sitting at a table with three Burger King mascots.

“I think it’s safe to say that had he lost the election, The Burger Kings would have been the name of the food show Trump hosted with Guy Fieri,” Meyers concluded.

Stephen Colbert used Trump’s expertise in fast food to transition topics on The Late Show. “Maybe the president sensed he was in over his head here because he quickly changed the subject to things he is an expert in: Watching football and eating fast food,” said Colbert after he shared a clip of Trump discussing James Comey with reporters. The video of Trump sharing the menu for the football players followed.

“Mr. President, is it possible you’re just projecting your favorite foods onto them?” asked Colbert. “We’re going to eat all of their favorite foods. Burgers, KFC, taco bowls, two scoops of ice cream. We’re gonna watch their favorite movie, the 2016 election results, then I will spank them all with a rolled up Forbes. I hear they’re really into that.

Over on Jimmy Kimmel Live, the host said that Trump serving fast food to the team “might be the craziest” thing he did all weekend.

Kimmel shared the clip of Trump stating that the food he planned to serve was the team’s favorite. “What would possibly make you think that?” he asked. “I’ll tell you what made him think that. He’s paying the check, so he had to get the cheapest food they could find.””

“And you know he’s taking whatever they don’t eat back to his bedroom. He’ll be like the rat in Charlotte’s Web tonight rolling around in Quarter Pounders with cheese,” he added.


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20 responses to “TDS: Libtards mock President Trump for serving fast food at WH yet Obama was praised for eating fast food

  1. Wow, those jokes the late night hosts said are so lame. Who’s watching those turds?
    I wonder what the bill was for all that fast food, and how it compares to the $65,000 of “pizza and hot dogs” that Obama brought to the house.

  2. To repeat an often-said quote: If the Left didn’t have double standards, they’d have no standards at all.

  3. What’s more American than quarter pounder with cheese and fries and a coke? The fast food restaurants are American institutions and we have all being kids one time or another, even as adults we buy them and eat’m while on the road, oh but, Mike Obama’s promoted healthy eating happened to be rejected by students. HEY LIBERALS, PROGRESSIVES AND PIECES OF SHIT, GET A LIFE!

  4. Libtards have exempted themselves from hypocrisy.

  5. CogitoErgoSumantra

    I watched a spot or two of the dinner on TV last night. The Clemson players LOVED it! Their QB said he wanted to come back multiple times! *I* would! BTW, I saw/heard NOTHING about any player making ANY comment about ANY prior resident at the WH…

    • CogitoErgoSumantra

      BTW, I haven’t watched late night “comedy” shows in YEARS. I think I’d rather have a bout of real diarrhea than listen to theirs. Ditto watching SNL (but decades in that case).

      If I want comedy, I’ll watch “Make Me Laugh / What’s So Funny?” on TBN-3 (JUCE) Tuesday nights… free via Internet IPTV (10pm EST): — or sign up for free at — and/or will get you EWTN and TBN-1 (among a *lot* of other channels world-wide)

      I give those addies for those without cable etc., as TBN no longer broadcasts over-the-air locally (and only shows a single digital channel even with cable), which disgusts me (sold their bandwidth to 5G folks for uber-fast cellphone service). CSpan is also available this way; otherwise w/o cable subscription you get only old recordings. EWTN has live and recorded shows freely available online on their own website. I still pay for cable too… basic only.

      Those three networks seem to be the only source of non-spun news for me. At least compared to everything else available…

  6. People like Colbert and Kimmel function as SHABBOS GOYS in that they do the work of their hidden handlers (mid-level managers) who, in turn, take their orders from on high. Let’s put the religious faith question to the side for the moment, because IDEOLOGY is the “name of the game.” The Order: Get Trump. So the Chief Executive at the network issues the order, the “generals” tell the lieutenants what to do, who in turn pass the order down to the corporals, and so on, down to Steve Colbert or Jimmy Kimmel or whomever.

    This much we get. Now for the Big Picture: We are witnessing the INSTITUTIONALIZATION of mental illness. The game has spilled over into the street, where ANTIFA goons hit people in the head with bike locks and threaten reporters with live weapons, and there is no shortage of imbeciles and useless idiots who are as pleased as punched to comply. They have no lives of their own, so they’re glad to live vicariously through these Masters of Disaster!

    But wait, there’s more: We have seen this institutionalization of mental illness with the Law itself: Special Counsel Robert Mueller has proved he can get at least one Trump associate to lie for the courts, namely, Cohen. Not to be outdone, Mad Maxine Waters and Nancy Pelosi and others have also jumped on the bandwagon.

    Again, we are witnessing the institutionalization of mental illness. It fits a template. And I see the Endgame here: The Powers That Be are testing this template so see how far and how much it can be replicated. Because when the Anti-Christ of Revelation appears, they’re going to know his “Advent” and prep the public in much the same way. This way, the Anti-Christ will be accepted by the public, and the Great Tribulation will begin.

    This may seem far-fetched, but, as I believe the Anti-Christ of Revelation is alive on Earth RIGHT NOW (and it’s NOT Trump, Putin or Xi or even Netanyahu), there is a small select cabal of people who know this. Just like anyone else, the Anti-Christ will have to be introduced and pushed upon the public in a successful way. So getting the “goyim” to salivate on command is KEY.

    THIS is what I think is going on behind the scenes. (Trump, Putin, Xi and Netanyahu do not know this yet).

    • There’s a stock pr photo of Kimmel with the classic gay grin on face, making him look like s.g. de Blasio’s twin. The irony is that Kimmel’s comment about Trump getting what he wants because he’s paying applies in spades to Kimmel’s kosher paymasters’ getting a hairdresser-tough douche like Kimmel to do their dirty work.

    • CogitoErgoSumantra

      I don’t find that far-fetched at all.
      My question is, what’s going to happen when the masters pulling the puppets’ strings decide to turn on THEM because they’re no longer needed? How long will those sheep continue to just keep on being pawns, even after they find out they’re being played? Or when, as with folks like Moonves, they get caught up in MeToo-type accusations (whether true or not)? He was their *general*, and they just dumped him unceremoniously… I wonder if he’ll issue a tell-all biography about all the crap he was directed to put on TV for TPTB?

      And it’ll be the same game all over again (but with eternal implications) when folks start doing the bidding of the Anti-Christ, just as they did for the Nazis.

  7. How ’bout slick willy and his hamburger fetish. Not to mention his fur burger fetish.
    I think hamburgers/hotdogs/ballpark food and beverage is fine. The gumment doesn’t need to splurge on caviar, and lobster, beef tar-tar, and such.

  8. Imagine, having several cable TV networks and a couple of fish wrappers at your disposal to use like mirrors. It’s like they all climbed into a big empty pipe and sit around cackling nonsense at each other.

    Who cares what they think? The illusion is that anybody besides them cares one whit what they think. They are all just soulless employees of The Odor. They mouth their platitudes and get patted on their nappy little heads.

    At the moment they are at “peak lie” and up to their pointy little heads in sedition. So far nobody has come to arrest them and they’re feeling pretty cocky. It would be hilarious to see a “sweep” through their ranks with several “disappearing” for a while. My guess is that it would get pretty silent all of a sudden.

    I would love to see someone put a sock in “Reggie Madcow’s” pie hole. I couldn’t keep from laughing at Trump cancelling Nancy and the Little Schit’s big adventure today. What a hoot. He had them riding around in an Air Force bus and had Nancy’s luggage parked in front of her office. He needs to do more of that.

    • I agree the underlying motive is sedition, as Michael Jones proves in his massive book, Libido Dominandi, damning them in context and at length in their own words. They’re not quite the clever geniuses they think they are, however, now openly painting themselves for future reference.

  9. The Clemson Team LOVED it! A large majority of Americans eat Fast Food (I don’t). So these America hating Bolshevik Liberals attacking Fast Food, they are mocking a majority of Americans. This is another blunder by the propaganda arm the lying MSM of the Bolshevik/Comuniast/Democrat party

  10. Burger hatin bastards.

  11. AND, as a bonus, Trump DIDN’T drag his ASS across the food-counter like Barky did in the accompanying picture.

  12. They can go have a queer Spirit Cooking get together if they like. Who’s stopping them. Given the choice, who would want to associate with them?

  13. I’m not necessarily agreeing with the late nite NPC hosts…

    …but at the same time I think the President could’ve offered a little better food – nothing on the order of a state dinner. I understand he footed the bill. I think something like a “surf & turf” could’ve worked fine, especially during the shutdown.

    And who knows how long some of those berders were sitting under a heat lamp?

  14. Every once in a while , no matter what your “healthy diet ” is….you have to bust loose and enjoy a big-ass American Burger of any origin….and big batch of fries. Sigh….I do this about twice a year, b/c I can’t do it more than that. Personally, if I were on death row…..something like a Big Mack meal…with double fries and tons of salt and ketchup…would constitute my last meal…b/c I can’t eat it more than once or twice a year otherwise…..BUMMER.


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