TDS-infected Robert De Niro screams at his driver because he went to the wrong spot

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No surprise here seeing as how the actor can’t control his foul mouth or his temper.

From NY Post: Robert De Niro showed he can still be a “Raging Bull” Thursday as he had a meltdown outside a Manhattan courthouse, screaming at his driver for not showing up at the right place.

The “Goodfellas” actor went nuts while frantically searching for his missing driver after spending the entire morning in court in his divorce case with estranged wife Grace Hightower.

“You’re not in front! You’re not where you dropped us off!” De Niro squawked into his black LG flip phone outside 60 Centre St., as he shielded his face with the paper.

The driver appeared to respond on the phone, but De Niro — who was flanked by shutterbugs — wasn’t having it. “On Worth Street! Then you’d see all the photographers here! You’re not where you dropped us off!” he continued railing. His lawyer meekly offered, “Let’s go back in the building.”

“This is ridiculous,” the Oscar winner scoffed, as he marched toward the back of the courthouse.

Meanwhile, tourists whipped out their cellphones to snap photos of the Manhattan-born star. “Take it easy, Bobby!” one shouted.

De Niro and Hightower had just spent hours in Manhattan Supreme Court, where their lawyers holed up behind closed doors to hash out their divorce.

The soon-to-be exes, who were married for 20 years, are fighting over custody of their 7-year-old daughter. The judge called the warring parents back to court for 2:15 p.m.


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11 responses to “TDS-infected Robert De Niro screams at his driver because he went to the wrong spot

  1. I refuse to watch any movie with De Niro in it, even if it’s free.

    My reasons are not just because he’s anti-Trump and a radical-Left POS. Simpy put, knowing what I know about him, it interferes with the suspension-of-reality that’s needed to watch any movie or TV. That interference also applies to every Hollyweirdo who insists on politicizing everything and thrusting their opinions on us, without whom, they would never have become multi-millionaires in the capitalist America they so openly loath.

    • Dear Dr Eowyn . . . That was such a sublimely, excellent reply to the article. By any or all of us being willing to watch the various projects that he and those like him bring to the public, our participation by just viewing such offerings somehow con-notates our approval of them and their views. Let’s face it, they are in some degree responsible for the breakdown of our society, and certainly the strength and vitality of our nation as a whole. It is best to “starve the beast” by denying them to whatsoever degree we can the monies that their appearances may bring them.

      He is a cretin that is best kept at a distance.

      I feel sorry for all of the people he employs–no doubt he feels quite comfortable in treating them as peons. Thank goodness the public recorded his tyrannical melt down.

    • Why would anybody watch a low class crybaby like this? Poor little weasel. I would have left him in Harlem. I hope they pluck him like a chicken.

      • It is said that our character is measured by how well we treat those whom we don’t have to treat well, i.e., “underlings” or our status inferiors. By that yardstick, De Niro is a terrible person.

        • Yep, look where he is, DIVORCE court. Just another self-indulgent tool for his owners. He can swagger around blustering all he likes, One of these days he’s likely to meet someone with as much decency as himself. That’ll be the end of the “tough guy”.

          • He’s gonna pay for that divorce, too. Grace and De Niro were married 20 years and he blindsided her with the divorce. Wonder how much of his $300 million net worth she’s gonna get. LOL…

  2. I know a woman who worked in accommodating DeNiro and Cuba Gooding Jr. She told me that Gooding was a friendly decent due, while DeNiro was abusive to all of the hired help. He has anger management issues that Trump triggers.

  3. As a current driver, I can tell you why Deniro’s driver could not have (easily) been on Worth Street: Centre Street, a one-way street on its east side, runs (basically) north, and where it intersects with Worth Street, normally a two-way street that runs east-west, is closed in the easterly direction because the City is digging up the street to replace pipes, conduits and water mains. It’s been like that for at least one year now. So in order for Deniro’s driver to reconnoiter to the Worth Street entrance to 60 Centre Street would have taken him at least 20 minutes—possibly even 40 minutes—given the horrible congestion that is normal during the day, during court hours.

    Robert Deniro has more than proved himself to be an excellent actor, despite his recent string of stinkers over the past few years. I wouldn’t go so far as to say I would never watch another one of his movies; Rather, my schedule does not allow for any movie-viewing now, especially as I do not own a television. But despite his acting ability, Deniro, like many other actors and actresses, is a miserable human being who has a problem dealing with at least some people: He abuses them.

    It has been this abuse that I endured from a woman whose false police report resulted in my arrest last year. It has been this abuse that every professional driver, at one point or another, endures or must witness from the public, famous or not, during his career. At the age of 63, I have had enough of it, and I would retire if I could.

    No one is arguing Deniro’s right to dislike Donald J. Trump. What we are arguing is his outright inability or unwillingness to conduct himself with some dignity while out in public. Yes, the man can physically take someone else apart, but, in the end, temper tantrums mean nothing except that the adult throwing one is nothing but an anal sphincter!

    And it means something else, also: Let’s forget the fact that I, for one, had to endure 32 years of terrible Presidents: Robert Deniro’s behavior is, in fact and indeed, mentally ill. And by his continued frothing at the mouth, his “public rabies,” as it were, he indicates that he wants the world to join him in his mental illness, his melodrama, his own emotional damnation. I call bullshit: If Robert Deniro ever manifested this behavior to me, I would call the NYPD immediately and record his behavior on my phone. Like Tom Arnold, Rosie O’Donnell, Jussie Smollet and many others, Robert Deniro has more than amply proved he has NO BUSINESS being famous. As they (used) to say on the streets of New York, “Don’t go away mad, just go away!”

  4. I used to idolize old Crazy Bobbie. Now I can’t LOOK at him without shaking my head. Poor guy. Had it all…and let Trump drive him STARK RAVING INSANE!

    I’ve decided I’ll just enjoy the meltdown!

  5. Robert DeNiro FTM!

  6. The man is an absolute crazed lunatic, don’t be surprised one day he holds innocent people hostage at gun point with all kinds of crazy demands.


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