Taxed for Going Green


No incentive to buy me

WA Senate approves $100 fee for electric cars

Washington State Senate lawmakers have approved a bill that would impose an annual $100 fee on electric cars to recover lost gas tax revenue. Drivers would pay the fee every year when they got their car tabs renewed. Democratic Sen. Mary Margaret Haugen of Camano Island included the fee on her transportation budget. She says the proposal was dependent on the electric car fee’s passage.
The Senate Transportation committee chairwoman says electric car owners need to pay their fair share of highway maintenance. The Washington State Department of Transportation estimates that drivers of gasoline-powered vehicles pay about $200 a year in gas tax. Washington’s gas tax is 37.5 cents per gallon. The fee is expected to bring in around $400,000 in 2013.
So much for an incentive to go green. Because of our state budget deficit of over $5B, the “Evergreen State” now wants to tax you for driving an environmentally-friendly car.  Oh the irony.

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9 years ago

guess what I think they can do with these cars! yep,thats right.

9 years ago

I have pretty much come to the conclusion that the only hope we have of saving America as it was founded is an across-the-board tax revolt – at all levels, even at gun point, if necessary.
That is the only way to teach these thieving a-hole politicians that our money belongs to us, not to them.
But that won’t happen in today’s totally wussified America.

9 years ago
Reply to  Dave

Yep Dave, if this doesn’t have the WA ST libs in a fit we are done. Course they’ll be so guilted by AGW & will believe it’s their “duty” to pay to protect our precious environment. Fools.
Heaven forbid the state look at cuts instead of more taxes…

Dr. Eowyn
Dr. Eowyn
9 years ago

Since liberals just love Big Obese Government, they should at least contribute to maintaining and growing its obesity. There is a reason why their brains are located at the other end!