Target Says No to Guns: Store Assaults Begin Immediately

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On July 2 of this year, Target issued a new policy asking customers not to bring guns to its stores. That same day, a Target shopper in Gainesville, Georgia was robbed at gunpoint in the parking lot, and on July 5, a woman shopper at a Target store in Atlanta was punched in the head in the store’s parking lot by a black male, who then stole her car and attempted to run her over.
Lest, you think Target is merely another well-meaning, but misguided company, take a look at these ads from one of their recent catalogues, targeted at children:
For those who don’t understand the symbolism, the “OK” sign with three fingers spread out spells “6-6-6”, and covering one eye is a symbol of Lucifer just like the eye on the pyramid on our one dollar bills. I believe it was Franklin Roosevelt, the second worst president of all time, who put all-seeing eye of satan on our money.
Compare Target’s children with these photos featuring several well known satanists, and remember that another big company that is anti-gun and anti-Constitution, Starbucks, also has a history of satanic symbolism.

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0 responses to “Target Says No to Guns: Store Assaults Begin Immediately

  1. Another store I’ll shun. I haven’t been in a K-Mart ever since Rosie O’Donuts and Penny Marshall were their spokescreatures and that’s got to be about 15 – 20 years ago. Remember her anti-NRA tirade against Tom Selleck?

  2. Quit shopping there awhile ago. A “target” I won’t be!

  3. How about doing a story about stores we DON’T have to boycott? There Have to be at least a couple that AREN’T Satanic,anti-gun,pro-homosexual,pro-Muslim Extremist,anti-American,anti-patriotic or pro-Government over-management?

  4. Do you get the awful feeling that Satan is alive and doing very well on Planet Earth?!

  5. Wow, how blatant, the trickle-down effect has reached the kids; thanks for exposing this.
    Of course the kids are merely posing as they are told by the photoshoot “handlers” & photographers (which corporate CEO’s must approve first). Yet the kids probably don’t mind, at that young pre-teen age, because they likely have already been saturated with Luciferian symbolism via “celeb-dom” in their personal lives (from kids cartoons to the wretched music, movie, & “fashion magazine” industries, which the site has been exposing similar photos of all those for a number of years in his “Photos of the Week” & “Photos of the Month” series).
    As for Target, bullseye! You’re now “dead” to us “awake” shoppers.

  6. How about a PG-rated Italian salute to the stores run by the children of Lucifer as they try to destroy our children with our money? Place hand against the throat under the jaw and flip the four fingers outward in the direction of the one with whom you are having non-verbal communication.

  7. Target lost my business a few years ago when they kicked the Salvation Army off of their door steps at Christmas. They were one of the first anti-Christian first responders!

  8. Some good news re Guns ‘n Ammo:
    7/16/14: “Detroit police chief gives credit to armed citizens for drop in crime” – The Detroit News:


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