Talking porcupine "Teddy Bear"!

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Wants to wish you a Merry Christmas!

If you’ve never heard of Teddy Bear before, he’s become a hit on YouTube and apparently has the ability to “speak”.  He likes pumpkins yet doesn’t like to share!  Teddy is an 8-year-old North American porcupine owned by Zooniversity, a traveling wildlife education company that introduces children and adults to the fascinating world of exotic animals.  You can read more about Teddy Bear here.

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2 responses to “Talking porcupine "Teddy Bear"!

  1. I can’t decide whether that’s weird or cute. How about weirdly cute? LOL

    • I know…I didn’t know they could vocalize like that as I’ve never encountered one. And that woman is brave as she feeds him bare-handed in the other vids. That Teddy Bear has some serious claws!


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