Taking Down The Bird Feeder. Leave It To Maxine.

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Just have to luv Maxine.

Just have to luv Maxine.

Taking down the bird feeder.

This is the best analogy yet!

Leave it to Maxine to come up with a solution For the mess that America is now in economically.

I bought a bird feeder. I hung It on my back porch and filled It with seed. What a beauty of a bird feeder it was, as I filled it, lovingly with seed. Within a week we had hundreds of birds taking advantage of the continuous flow of free and easily accessible food.
But then the birds started building nests in the boards of the patio, above the table, and next to the barbecue.
Then came the poop. It was everywhere: on the patio tile, the chairs, the table…. Everywhere!
Then some of the birds turned mean. They would dive bomb me and try to peck me even though I had fed them out of my own pocket.
And other birds were boisterous and loud. They sat on the feeder and squawked and screamed at all hours of the day and night and demanded that I fill it when it got low on food.
After a while, I couldn’t even sit on my own back porch anymore. So I took down the bird feeder and in three days the birds were gone. I cleaned up their mess and took down the many nests they had built all over the patio.
Soon, the back yard was like it used to be ….. Quiet, serene…. And no one demanding their rights to a free meal.
Now let’s see. Our government gives out free food, subsidized housing, free medical care and free education, and allows anyone born here to be an automatic citizen.
Then the illegals came by the tens of thousands. Suddenly our taxes went up to pay for free services; small apartments are housing 5 families; you have to wait 6 hours to be seen by an emergency room doctor; your child’s second grade class is behind other schools because over half the class doesn’t speak English.
Corn flakes now come in a bilingual box; I have to ‘press one ‘ to hear my bank talk to me in English, and people waving flags other than ‘Old Glory’ are squawking and screaming in the streets, demanding more rights and free liberties.
Just my opinion, but maybe it’s time for the government to take down the bird feeder.
If you agree, pass it on; if not, just continue cleaning up the poop.
~ Steve~                               H/T  My Old Pal Jean

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0 responses to “Taking Down The Bird Feeder. Leave It To Maxine.

  1. Maxine summed it up as only Maxine can . Short , sweet , and to the point .

    • I wonder what mean spirited person thought this up. Of course it is not a cartoon from Maxine because they would not get into such a nasty way of thinking. None of this is true about birds either. Using birds an an example of greed is also not nice. Let’s instead talk about the wealthy few who just cannot get enough money (Trump eg:) and yet still degrade those at the bottom of the food chain. The economy is like a pie where one person has the majority and the rest must share one slice. That is when things get tough because those at the bottom must struggle to get enough crumbs.
      Also seems to be about being unChristian and not liking Democrats.

      • Socialism is a philosophy of failure, the creed of ignorance, and the gospel of envy, its inherent virtue is the equal sharing of misery. Winston Churchill
        So creating wealth is bad but consuming other people’s wealth is good? A person like Trump employs how many people and uses the services of how many other businesses and their employees to create even more wealth? Do everyone a favor and brush up on economics by going to Mises.org where you will find what you believe about the pie to be anything but true.
        Since when did creating wealth and employing others become unchristian? Unchristian, theft/stealing, is what the democrat party does best albeit they have made it legal in terms of all the taxes. A conservative wants everyone HERE LEGALLY IN THE US to have equal opportunity with the God-given skill set(s) to achieve what they can achieve. Statistically, some will do very well and some won’t. Govt can’t do God’s work. End of story.

  2. Totally awesome, and so true – and we, the taxpayers, are left cleaning up the poop. Can’t thank you enough for this post! This reminds me of a crazy conversation I had with a gal one day who questioned my insanity for insisting that people be able to read and write before they vote. She simply could not – or would not – see the logic in that! How unfair of me. I’m still trying to figure out where she was coming from! BTW, she is a demoncrat right down to her large bones!

  3. Definitely.

  4. i have fed birds in bird feeders for over 40 years now and never have birds ever acted like human beings demanding free hand outs.. the birds show up many sing the closest pine tree is used by the birds as sort of a perch as they line up on a long branch and wait for an opening at one of the feeders. the cardinals announce their arrival with their whistle and it still amazes me how such small birds can be so loud. i have had the black capped chickadees and the nuthatches bring their young over to where i was doing yard work and heard a lot of chirping and the birds would fly around me sort of i suppose the adult birds showing the young the person who puts food in the feeders

    • Ditto, igor!
      I also put bird seed out and have been doing that for years. Birds would never behave the way “entitled” humans do. However, baboons would. Those on Gibralta do throw rocks at tourists if they don’t feed them.

  5. This is an analogy, but think about it. Our gov’t gives hand outs to everyone, they don’t have to work for it, they just take & keep taking. There is a scripture that reminds each of us…..”Lest a man not work, nor shall he eat.” Our government makes it easy to take handouts, and people want more & more. Its fine to give a hand up, to help people get on their feet, but they need to work! There are not enough of us tax paying citizens to feed, clothe, house, & provide medical, dental, insurance, cell phones, (which are given to everyone who applies for food stamps, most welfare people have smart phones and they give the gov’t issued to their kids) and free educations. That is what we are giving people who come in, they qualify for pell grants, while all of us who pay taxes have to get student loans for our kids!!!! Give us a break!!!!


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