Take this Science & Technology quiz!

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How well do you know basic science and technology?
The Pew Research Center (with the Smithsonian Institution) has a quick 13-question quiz that tests your knowledge.
You don’t have to be a scientist or a science major in college to do well in the quiz. Even an informed intelligent layman can score well, long as you’re not a LIV (low information voter). 😉
Click here to take the quiz.
Take the quiz, then report back here on your score! 😀
P.S. I’m 12/13.

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0 responses to “Take this Science & Technology quiz!

  1. 12 of 13…I totally blew the sunscreen question.

  2. 12 of 13 also but I missed the ” nitrogen ” question . Surprised myself actually .

  3. I took the test. I got 12 of 13 correct. I missed one. Which gas makes up most of the earth’s atmosphere? I answered oxygen, but the correct answer is nitrogen.

  4. Nailed it. I guess I was wrong when I thought a lot more people would get them all right. This tells me a lot about the state of the schools in our country and what is more important to the average citizen.
    What’s really astounding is seeing how few actually know what gas is the most prevalent in the atmosphere.

  5. 12/13. I don’t believe the earth is millions of years old, so I can’t answer that the continents have been moving that long.

  6. Wow, I only got 10 of 13, guess I may be a LIV too??

  7. 13/13

  8. The only one I got wrong was the one about nitrogen being the gas that makes up most of our atmosphere. darn. I said oxygen; rats.

  9. Stupid Nitrogen.

  10. good test day for me 13 out of 13

  11. 11 out of 13. Not bad for a homemaker… (blush)

  12. daughter did 8 out of 13
    She did get this answer right. :o)
    The millions of years she did not agree with either.
    Which gas makes up most of the Earth’s atmosphere?
    You correctly answered “Nitrogen”

  13. 13/13…

  14. wildbillalaska

    I also missed a question,which one I know not.I attended Catholic school for grades K through 6 and was kicked out of public school mid 9th grade,for what I now know to be my failing attitude as regards political correctness.I am,you might say,self educated.But,to give credit where it is due,it is the unfailing dedication of the Nuns/teachers,early in my life,who inculcated in me a thirst for knowledge that exists to this day.

  15. 13/13 here.


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