Take this poll to let the GOP know what you think of them

Yesterday, the GOP sent out a mass email to poll Republicans on whether they’ll vote for Trump and for other Republican candidates next month.
The “Voter Target Survey” is short, containing only 5 questions:

  1. Do you plan to vote for Donald Trump for POTUS?
  2. Do you plan to vote for all Republicans on the ballot this November 8?
  3. How important are Supreme Court nominations in your presidential vote?
  4. Should Trump name his cabinet before Election Day?
  5. What issue will most influence your vote this November? — an open-ended question that allows you to type in your response. This is what I wrote:“How GOP elites, including House Speaker Paul Ryan, treat Donald Trump. If you continue to sabotage him and voter registration drives, you are electing Hillary Clinton, and for that I will NEVER EVER forgive the GOP, nor will I EVER again donate even a cent to Republicans.”

Go here to take the poll and let the GOP know what you think of them.
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Occams Razor Trader

I filled this out yesterday- i received it in an e-mail. I made it perfectly clear that as a 30 year Republican- I’m done. I always mistakenly (and foolishly) believed that the party represented the members- I never realized that the members are supposed to kowtow to the Party’s wishes and whims (i suspected it when we ran McCain and Romney- I just threw up a,little in my mouth just typing that!). I wouldn’t give one red cent to the party that stands with likes of Boehner, McConnell and Ryan. I will (and did) however, make a donation directly to… Read more »


Thank you I filled it out and gave them a mouthful.


[…] via Take this poll to let the GOP know what you think of them — Fellowship of the Minds […]

Occams Razor Trader

ryan actually conspired to time the “leak” of the tape to hurt Trump the most- and gloss over the WikiLeaks dump- What an American. I want to be in the room- when President Trump and “Eddie Munster” have their first meeting.


I filled it out yesterday and did NOT hold back one iota.


I filled it out today too. It was SO nice of them to give a space at the bottom of the poll for comments. I covered a lot of issues. Let’s just say, I let the bastard traitors really have it. It felt good.