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Draft of the Declaration of Independence

Ideas and ideology do matter.
If you doubt that, re-read Thomas Jefferson’s Declaration of Independence. Re-read the history of the American Revolution — the part where it was Thomas Paine’s printed words that stirred the hearts of the colonists to Revolution and, at its lowest point, re-stirred their hearts and revitalized a flagging cause.
Are you a Conservative, Libertarian, Liberal, or Statist?
Take this 10-question quiz, the shortest such quiz in the world. Go HERE, then report back to us on your results!
(I’m told I’m right on the border between Conservative and Libertarian.)

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0 responses to “Take the World's Shortest Political ID Quiz!

  1. Dave from Atlanta

    I actually took the test twice. First time I answered from an ideological perspective. For instance, should barriers to international free trade be eliminated?
    First time I said “yes,” which is my ideological answer. However, one could also make the argument that tariffs on Chinese imports could help balance the trade deficit and counter market “dumping” on the part of the Chinese. It would also contribute to the restoration of American jobs by making American goods more competitive. Plus, shouldn’t the trade restrictions on US goods on the part of other countries be answered by similar restrictions on foreign goods our part?
    Second time I answered “maybe.” I guess my point is that “yes”, “no”, and “maybe” are a little bit too simplistic to gauge one’s political leanings. Still, it’s an interesting tool.
    My first score was very Libertarian, second time Conservative, leaning toward Libertarian.
    Thanks Eowyn. It has been many years since I have taken that test!

    • Dave,
      I used to be an international free trader. No longer. The idea is good only in the abstract, but in real life it doesn’t work for the national good because OTHER countries don’t play fair. They subsidize certain industries (as our govt also does, with Big Agriculture), keep labor wages artificially low, don’t let their currencies “float”, etc. etc.
      In the end, international free trade really benefits INTERNATIONAL (multinational) BUSINESS CORPORATIONS who, though ostensibly “based” in the United States, have no national loyalty to this country or to Americans.

      • Dave from Atlanta

        “In the abstract” = pure ideology – I agree. Real life practicality must be applied to any argument.

  2. Centrist – wow, surprised!

    • But WHERE on the map are you a “centrist”?
      The quiz also called me a “centrist,” but I looked at my position on the map and it’s really right on the border between “Libertarian” and “Conservative.” So, calling me a “Centrist” is a misnomer. I’m a Conservative/Libertarian.

  3. Libertarian. I’m so screwed. Now how am I going to take that “Right winger 4 life” tattoo off my arm?

  4. Me, conservative on fiscal, leaning slighlty libertarian on social. Nice quiz!


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