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The Pew Research Center periodically refreshes its News IQ Quiz with newer, more current questions.

Pew’s latest quiz has 13 questions.

Although I managed to score a perfect 13/13, I was surprised I did that well  because this quiz is tougher than past Pew news quizzes. The Dow Jones question is especially tough.

To take the quiz, click here!


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0 responses to “Take the Pew News IQ Quiz!

  1. I only got 1 wrong. It was the one about the percent of women in congress. I chose 30, but was going back and forth between that and 20. I guessed wrong! 12 out of 13 is not too bad though!!!

  2. Got 8 out of 13….Oh well

  3. 9 out of 13…it was tough!

  4. Hey, hey, hey!! 13/13 was my score. I do enjoy the smaller quizzes offered by Pew and the Interscholastic Association; moreover, I hat-tip Dr. Eowyn for taking the time to alert the readers. Thank you.

  5. I got one wrong.

  6. 9 out of 13 for me . The question that really threw me when I saw the answer was the same-sex marriage one . IOWA …….wtf……………………..

  7. Notice how most of these were from stories foisted on us and beat to death by the media: gay marriage, Snowden, the lady who runs Yahoo, Rubio (why is he relevant again?) for instance…the quiz has little to do with cultural literacy, and more to do with gauging how successful the cia/corporate media cartel was at putting creases in your gray matter.
    I received 11/13 btw – missed the dow jones graph (notable how they didn’t show a graph of unemployment, or inflation – as we mundanes are kept in the dark in those areas), and percentage of women in Con(opposite of Pro)gress.
    “Better” than 91% of those who have taken it, whatever that’s worth…

  8. 9 / 13, I did much better on the other one! I am slipping.

  9. I missed 3, which worries me–because I thought I’d only missed two–oh well–better than 94% of the population–still wanted more!:)


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